10 Reasons Why You Should Jailbreak Your iOS Device Today



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@halmsx I don't really agree with that. I wanted to jailbreak mine to give me access to apps that Apple won't approve - apps that other phones and other platforms have available already. I have since bought several apps.



Besides circumventing the App Store, there is nothing here worth noting at all. Free Ringtones? Try making them for free from your iTunes library with a bunch of m4rs? That is free and simple to do. Also, "Give Apple the One-Finger Salute" is about the lamest reason to Jailbreak your phone. Given that we are on a Mac fan site, I would wager that most people on here aren't inclined to simply Jailbreak because they have an issue with Apple...

Not to mention that there is no mention of potential risks that Jailbreaking exposes the user's device to. So, if this is the best we can come up with as a sales pitch to Jailbreak, consider me sold on never doing it.



1. breaking supports software piracy.
2. breaking expose devices to insecure apps.
3. breaking makes ya devices unstable and actually 'break'.
4. dont need to jailbreak to get ringtones. google for ' free iphone ringtones' or 'iphone ringtones converter'.
5. if you break your ipod cause you dont wanna purchase for the upgrade, thats software piracy.

i can understand, back then, ppl wanna have the copy paste, and sms features, so you jailbreak. so you want apps not approve by apps store, thats still ok. but still just an excuse. but lets face it. main reason why most ppl jailbreak is they wanna get paid-apps for free. oh well, i have a pirated ms office in my macbook.



Yes there should of been a warning about voiding your warranty, followed by to un-jailbreak your phone simply hit the Restore button in itunes while connected.

You should jailbreak your iphone/ipod to see beyond the walled garden that Apple has built around it's user base. There are themes and limitless custom tweaks one can make. Examples like removing the Text from displaying below the apps, using Android like lock screens instead of the stock slide to open, the ability to turn wifi, bluetooth off without having to go all the way into settings.



Is this the best the Jailbreak crowd can come up with? Freaking ringtones? This is bad, bad advise and there is NO REASON to jailbreak your iPhone.



Because you can? That's your reason? How old are you?



Shouldn't there be a warning about the warranty-related implications of jailbreaking?



If I jailbreak, am I still able to use the Apple App store? Can I still do everything the same as I do now (except installing new Apple updates when available)?

I really want to enable my iPad to be able to use my iPhone's cell reception - I think it'll be one of the only things I use.

And one more question, will I be able to use jailbreakme.com as long as I don't do an update that fixes the patch? Or will this website and way of jailbreaking go away?




I have the same questions as you but can not seem to find the answers that anyone has posted? Can you help?




Every time I have tried jailbreaking my ipod 3g 3.1.3, it crashes with black background& apple logo!! can someone please help is it really compatible with 3.1.3 or is it just me?!!



I have tried to jailbreak my phone 45 times at the program always quits unexpectedly.

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