10 Reasons Your Small Business Should Run on Macs



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Interesting post. I'll have to keep it in mind, because I'd love to run my own business soon. It'll obviously be challenging, so I can use all the financial help I can get..


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must say that overall I am really impressed with this blog.It is easy to see that you are passionate about your writing. If only I had your writing ability I look forward to more updates


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Wow! There's some info I never knew, like the Time Capsule! These are some pretty good reasons to use Macs, but when it comes down to it PCs are way less expensive, and cost is the biggest factor when starting a small business! If you want to test that theory then head over to the franchise directory and look into starting a business.



I'm in the small business marketing industry and my company runs on Macs. We switched off PCs a few years ago and I couldn't imagine using anything else.



I liked the article and I even subscribed to it. If you don't like being educated by some people or institutions than, I'd say you should all get the outrank power of doing business by your own self. No one profits and you only benefit from it. You should really try.


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I hate to say it, but our attempted switch to Mac for business use has gone very poorly. Wifi is a necessity for most small business use. Macbook Pro suffers from unreliable wifi connectivity. Unexpected drops and fluctuations in connectivity even with a good signal are common. While this can be remedied by investing in an Airport wifi router for the office (or, according to some bulletin boards, a Linksys router), the whole point of having a notebook computer for business is to be able to travel with it and use it in various locations. A notebook computer that you can't rely on to connect on the road isn't much better than a very expensive doorstop at times. Apple refuses to own up to the problem and address it with a fix. Very disappointing.



With all due respect to all of us Mac users and Mac lovers. Apple has failed to address their pricing scheme for all platforms and with the ubiquitous nature of the Windows platforms, something needs to be done to get Mac/Apple prices in line with the competition.

Doesn't mean I don't like Macs, just the opposite.
Besides the 4(or so) working Macs and iMacs that I own I also have a Windows box that I bought recently and I have to tell you for the $1,400.00 I spent I got one helluva a deal and a lot software. The package included Virus software, Firewall software(it needs it dearly) , MS Office and others (Oh yeah, it runs iTunes too)all for just around $1,400.00.

I wanted to replace my aging G4 but was not able to due to the extremely high pricing. I have to wait. On top of that, my ability to replace software, design software in this case, is limited and I will have to replace it since the old version won't run on the new OSX version.

Lot's of problems and hurdles for Apple in my opinion. Not as friendly as it used to be. No longer do I perceive it as the computer for ‘the rest of us’ but more like the computer for an elite few. That isn’t a bad thing, necessarily, but it sure as heck isn’t good for business.

It's very cool that Macs can run Windows but so what? If you can't afford to buy the computer, it means nothing. Macs don't come with much software of any real note, for businesses and anything worth having has to be added. Coupled with the really high computer prices they ask... well, it's not to hard to figure out why folks keep buying Windows machines.

I think it's time for Apple's management to wake up and stick their noses in the air... I think I smell smoke.

Lalo Tejeda



You are right about the price, there are small entrepreneurs that need to hold tight to their finances, specially on startups. Having a Mac can help in running your business but I don't think it helps to much in helping get small business loans. Most of the small business owners live in debt until they reach the point of profits, is there any solution to afford Macs for these guys?



We appreciate it!

Best Wishes,

-jon parshall-



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This is a great article - not only do we make software for attorneys on Macs per Reason #4, but we run Macs as well! Thanks so much for the mention.

Just want to clarify the pricing listed for Rocket Matter in reason #4 - that's based on our old pricing while we were in beta. Our new pricing is listed here:




I love how reason number 10 was just simple 'Because its a Mac.' I think it is as blunt as saying Steve Jobs is more attractive than Bill Gates.

I love Apple as much as the next guy, but even for me that was a bit pretentious, albeit true ha.

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