10 Things Apple Can Do to Make Us Truly Excited by iTunes



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Nowhere on this list does it say The Beatles. Maybe in a top 100 list. Maybe.

Damn you, Apple.



I found your article very interesting concerning the entire possibility of the itunes user experience from a technological point of view. I wonder if you could write the exact same article but focused to the actual nuts and bolts of the iTunes program and it's internal operation? The iTunes program, though it has received constant changes regarding the items that can be controlled from the program (such as iTunes Store and listing for movies etc). Has not received more than cosmetic changes to the actual program. I would like for itunes to remain easy to use, but it is my opinion that it would be more enjoyable for a user to be able to do more with the actual lists of inventory of songs, movies etc, than what the program now allows (if a user is so inclined). By this I don't mean illegal transfer etc, but rather ease to create new lists, temporary or permanent reordering, cut your inventory in two or more subdivisions. I certainly have a list of things the program does not do at this time that I would gladly share and that I feel could make the use or tinkering with the inventory more fun for the more in depth user. Thanks for your article. Please write more about iTunes.



I think the whole playing back songs could be better. There is no smart way to let your guests use itunes for parties. All you end up with is having heard a whole bunch of half songs. Some years ago i made a video to explain my idea and hope that Apple understood it and would implement it. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YmTIV_VYgkk
Luckily there is other alternatives out there such as Everplay http://www.snarbsoft.com/everplay.html and Silverjuke http://www.silverjuke.net/en/ But i still think it could be great if itunes had these features.



how come they always leave the people who live in central time like me does anyone know when that is in central time



I hope there's an iOS 4.2 update.



I love knowing my software is optimized as much as the next nerd, but what aspects of iTunes performance on 64-bit CPUs do you find lacking?

I would love to have faster iPhone syncing and backup, but that isn't CPU-bound.

I would like to have the functions of iDevice syncing, iDevice software updates, and iDevice app file management separated from iTunes. Call the separate app iHub (trademarks permitting).

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