10 Things Apple Should Buy Instead of Twitter



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agree with the points... there are more interesting things to do than buying something uncertain...
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Apple should buy www.itunesregistry.com. It actually IS for sale, and it's very inexpensive, and it would be fun if it was integrated directly into iTunes. It's really a no-brainer.

Last.fm would also be a good fit.



I wish they could buy New Zealand! Apple could use NZ as a testing ground before releasing into the world!

... but in reality, I think they would (in my opinion) avoid purchasing any of the above and excell towards a direction that has more impact in society whether it is to do with social or economic activity. A lot of the options above are things that the Apple could, or can do by themselves. They already have the personell & intelligence for both hardware and software, and could basically improve their own hardware & media platform by "taking notes" from the likes of Boxee, Hulu, Adobe etc. to advance their own products such as Apple Tv /iTunes / iLife / Appeture & Final Cut.

Their cloud computing with me.com / iWork / iLife / seems to be a direction of interest with a variety of platforms, and linking with other software / hardware platforms, so maybe it could be in their interests of something larger such as a communication company, or, an Apple version of the internet! Now wouldn't that be nice!

... yeah, buying New Zealand seems more realistic than all that ranting I just mentioned before!



A quick look at Adobe's stock price and Apple could have it all for less than 7-9 billion. Apple could then control flash, photoshop, all the best web development tools, and more. Apple could package select Adobe apps with every new mac, offer advanced features on the Apple platform (offer crippled version for Windows), and have complete control over all the best creative software.Think of the options!  



I heard Motorola was up for sale... Be nice to have a sim card in my next iMac...AT&T would make a good purchase as well, then they could dictate how their iPhones get their service, maybe we'd finally see the IPTV we've heard was the next wave of entertainment...It would seem Google would make a good merging partner, otherwise I would suggest them...Microsoft... Wouldn't that be ironic...Elgato, then make a real tuner... One that "just works"... (Not that it doesn't already but, that it doesn't "just work" with the new digital revolution.)Saitek or Razor and make some real keyboards/mice again...Creative... They do need to work on the sound some as well... (When was the last time Apple addressed sound quality... the 50's?!?)I hear Chevy and Dodge are for sale, maybe get that whole iCar thing off the ground?!?Need I go on?



Okay, now I know this is a fantasy wish list, but I will have to say it is way off. First of all lets be honest here. The last thing I would ever want is for Apple to buy Boxee or Hulu. Apple makes great hardware, good software, and fantastic business decisions over the past ten years. If Apple bought Boxee or Hulu, the first thing they would do is shut them down.

Hulu is competition to the iTunes store on three fronts; movies, TV Shows, and rentals. If I could watch free TV shows on Hulu, why on earth would I pay $3 or more for a TV show from iTunes? I wouldn't, and I don't. That makes Apple upset because it is one less avenue in which they can make money. That's understandable and they should have competition with these companies. I don't want Apple to own the competition because then there wouldn't be any competition.

Also, if you haven't noticed, boxee is not necessarily something Apple wants running on Apple TV. It allows me to view all of the torrents I have downloaded for free as opposed to viewing only content I have purchased through iTunes. I'm sorry Apple, I already paid you $2700.00 for my iMac, $180 for my Airport extreme, $99 each for three Airport Expresses, $200 for an Apple TV and so on for the countless Apple products I have because I believe they make great products that they back up with excellent warranties, but I refuse to pay more for services I do not need because I can obtain a better quality product through more inexpensive means.

I buy Apple's hardware because it is rock solid and so is their operating system. I also am a fan of their fantastic customer support. But the buck stops there for me. I do not need the iTunes store, nor do I like the fact that while PC companies are making media servers that can play .avi and other files like that, Apple still refuses to do so because of the franchise it has in selling movies and television shows.

So please, Apple, do not buy Boxee or Hulu, because we all know you would only ruin it for everyone by getting rid of a wonderful, open source program, and the web site that is quite frankly the model for the future of television.



I don't get all this love for Boxee, hasn't Plex been around for longer and is a much better product?

Having tried Boxee I couldn't understand the love people had for it. The interface seemed much more convoluted and a lot less straight forward, like a media center should be. Well that and the fact that plex is a lot more stable, having been in development for quite a bit more time.



When Gary Rosenzweig of MacMost.com asked this question yesterday on Twitter (http://www.twitter.com/rosenz) I suggested Drobo and Dropbox. I would love to see Drobo smarts integrated into Mac Pros and XServes, and Drobo could stand to learn a few things from Apple about customer service. Drobox (getdropbox.com) is what iDisk should have been on day one. (BTW, Gary suggests Apple buy Facebook: http://macmost.com/why-apple-should-buy-facebook.html)

BTW, every time I hear folks sing the praises of Boxee I'm frustrated that Plex (plexapp.com) doesn't get more press. Boxee is fine for Apple TVs but if you have a full-fledged Mac (like a Mac Mini) connected to your TV you should definitely have a look at Plex, either instead of or in addition to Boxee. Plex's main advantage is in managing your Movie and TV collection; it automatically grabs gorgeous artwork and other metadata about your library from the internet and gives you some really stunning interfaces. Also, it doesn't require an account with anybody, hence you can still use it without an internet connection.



Not only could they make specially suited super-chips for their computers, but they could refuse to sell processors to PC companies, almost completely wiping out the inferior technology that is a windows computer (unless its a mac running windows)! Macs would rule the world!!!!!! MUHAHAHAHA!



Why not buy Montana? Heck of a lot cheaper then either Canada or California.


Roberto Baldwin

Yeah, I've learned not to mess with Montana.

That's all I can say...


Ray Aguilera

Adam Savage FTW! Although Canada would be awesome, too. I'd be all about poutine and Rush at the WWDC keynote.


Some of those you listed there are actually good ideas, but Apple buying Twitter would be cool imo.

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