15 Things We Might See at WWDC 2010



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Doc Izzy

Well here's what we know already that will almost make my jailbreak unnecessary... all of these are reasons I JB my iPhone:

1) ATT is about to offer a tethering plan (I use an unlock & hack ATT carrier profile).
2) App icons can be put in folders (I use SB "Categories").
3) Wall paper for springboard (not a big deal buy I like it)

The ifs:

3) SMS can be integrated into apps... if this means the AMAZING BiteSMS can go legit in the iTunes store I'm in heaven.
4) More APIs available - if this translates into apps like SBSettings going legit then I'm ready to go legit & drop my JB!



Mac OS X Snow Leopard was released in August, not September. And challenges is misspelled in the article.



iPhone OS + Jailbreak = Love .. uhmm.. yes.. we can dream!!!!!



I routinely use Genius, mainly because I have such a huge expanse of music and while I'm working it can be tiresome to make my own playlists. While shuffle does mix up the tunes, it does so with on regard towards tone or genre. I don't want to start playing The Beatles and then hear some of my Jim Gaffigan comedy.



From what I understand...
* there will be a new Apple TV - similar to the iPhone (w/ 16GB).
* no MAC PRO updates - as there is not enough new stuff to get a proper upgrade (except for new Intel Chips). This will not happen until later in the year (after iMac refresh).
* new form factor and new Mac Minis. Stand upright? Slimmer? tune in.
* No Mac OS 10.7, too many bugs.
* iPhone (duh)



Bell and Telus rolled out a new HSPA+ network last november, which is when they got the iPhone so iPhones on Bell and Telus don't have CDMA wireless.
But yes, it is stupid that AT&T still has the iPhone all to themselves, at the very least the other GSM/HSPA+ networks in the US should be allowed to have the iPhone.



I see. I thought they were CDMA. As far as I knew that's all they had. Good to know.



Here in Canada, all four of our major cell services have the iPhone. Rogers and Fido use GSM while Bell and Telus both use CDMA. All that holds Verizon back from getting the iPhone (as far as I can tell) is AT&T being assholes about it and keeping it to themselves. I really don't think Apple would hurt either way. In fact, I bet that Apple would get even more sales on the iPhone by branching it out to other carriers. I guess only time will tell

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