17 Cool Safari 5.0 Features and Tips Revealed



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Just out of curiosity, why is it exciting to be able to open in tabs? I set my Safari 4 to open in new tabs months ago without any extensions or anything. How did all of you manage to miss this setting?



The ability to change user agent in Safari to "iPad" does not mean you don't need a simulator. The simulator is required to test the various inconsistencies between the mobile Safari and the desktop Safari browser.

All the "iPad" option does is set the User Agent to iPad, the page is still parsed in regular Safari (without the rules that make iPad unique).



Mine crashes ALOT on my MacBook Pro.
What's up with that?



I'm not sure the extensions are entirely stable right now. I had the same issue, with Safari crashing almost 60 times in 3 days. Since I turned off the extensions, it hasn't crashed once.



Well, unless I did something really wrong, i can't get that new extension to work for me for downloading videos from youtube. The extension loaded correctly, or so it seems, and even downloaded a song to my computer but it wouldn't play. I also tried just downloading the MP4 version of the youtube but it did NOTHING. Might want to think twice about this one.

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