20 Cool Reasons to Hack Your Apple TV



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Interesting article cheers,

I have to laugh at the grammar nazi's who seem to get so worked up about minor grammatical mistakes that its all they can see,

Well i hope J school teaches you a little more then the art of being egregiously pedantic.

Lighten up :)



Does anyone know what and where to find the 'Volume Control setting for your children's iPod's??

It used to be under 'Parental Controls, but no-longer?? What happened??



Can't retrieve items 1 to 10. 11 to 20 are OK.



Typo/Grammatical error in this article: "Why not make Apple's hobby your own". Should have read: "Why not make Apple's hobby your own"? Honestly, I'm in writing school right now and my professors would tear me apart for such an error in simple elementary level punctuation! Does Mac|Life have no editors? They would've caught such a simple mistake!



Two words: Nobody cares. Feel free to check that for accuracy.



Well as a journalism student, I care, I'll fact check with my professors, but I'm pretty sure they'll tell me they care, and then they'll tell me the professional editors care and that any submission to most news sources that have rampant grammatical errors or amateur moves like photographs of television screens in them will be rejected without further review. And as a paying subscriber to Mac|Life the printed magazine, I would like to get my money's worth from them and have it be up to professional standard since I pay for it, and I would hope all the other subscribers feel that way too, unless we've all just gotten completely irresponsible with our money.



Actually, a question mark is not used when one is making a request, or when they expect no answer. It seems to me that the non use of a question mark in this case is perfectly acceptable.



I wonder if your professor would care about your run on sentence reply to Adoxtater?



This is only a test...


Scion of Tytehran

I've made similar comments in the past and the answer I seem to get is that such forums as these pages constitute "an informal environment" thus making poor grammar and spelling acceptable. Personally I find this to be an egregious excuse for simple laziness. I can't understand how any professional journalist would allow such errors to go out. I'm looking at a book right now entitled, "I Judge You When You Use Poor Grammar" and can't help but think how such things shades my opinions of internet journalists.

One last thing, a personal nitpick of mine that has become entirely too ubiquitous is the beginning of a sentence with a conjunction! Do not begin a sentence with and or but because those parts of speech are meant to combine sentences and it irritates me to see it so often. There, I've said it and I will now attempt to gracefully concede the soapbox.



you're a "professional" computer journalist/reviewer and the best way you can manage to take screen shots is to take a picture of the television with a camera? You're a pathetic joke! Between the typos/grammatical errors and stunts like this I'm seeing increasingly, I'm starting to doubt the professionalism of Mac|Life. Is it worth paying a subscription to you lot if you can't even do your jobs? Are you any better than the rumour mills?



Have you tried any of the hacks presented? If so could you speak to stability? I've been thinking about getting an apple tv and putting boxee on it for Netflix support but everything I've read online says its not reliable.

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