25 Awesome Safari Extensions



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Sweet list! Im now using a couple of these. Since the major Safari update ive been using it as my main browser. Ive been a Firefox user for the last decade :0 Im loving safari, its quick, uses less resources and now with all the extensions and add ons its the perfect browser. And even compared to Chrome, there is no delay when pages open and its faster with flash as well.

BTW, I just recently subbed to your magazine along with the digital sub. I read it on my ipad, mac and everywhere in between. Love the work you all do, keep it up!



Help! My new puppy decided that the cables to and from my new airport extreme made a pretty handy chew toy. No harm done to the puppy but the cables are toast. Where can I get some replacements?



Facebook Photo Zoom
If you want to see facebook images without having to click and click and click. Just hover over the image and it zooms out to full size!

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