The 25 Best iPad Launch Games



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What? No Settlers of Catan? Not the lame, ugly, confusing, user-UNfriendly version on iphone, but more like the Xbox arcade edition. Very clean UI. The downside to that one is only one player at a time so they don't see your cards.

Hmmm, maybe like - the ipad version could be like the board, and like each person has an iphone for their cards, and then like you could totally right back where you started....Hmmm. At least there's less boxes, but a new shelf is cheaper than an ipad and six iphones.

Ipad seems like the perfect solution to creating board games, without stacks of boxes in your house? Is it big enough for that? Glare? Seems like there's a good evolution to board games waiting to happen with this thing. Still waiting for that evolution though. So far my brain wants to say yes but my heart says no on the ipad.

And yes - I'm on a Mac Pro, but I unfortunately have to live on the boot camp side these days.



I really, really don't have an interest in the iPad as long as I have my iPhone, but you sound so enthusiastic about it that it's making me want one. As a gaming device, it sounds great. Sadly, it's far too pricey for my blood, especially since I'd only ever use it for games (my iPhone covers the rest of the stuff the Pad handles).

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