25 Reasons Why Non-Mac Users Should Shut Their Damn Pie-Holes



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Garfield Tong

Let's put it to you this way, better hardware? Get real, Apple 27" iMac $1,999 vs, we'll even go stock for this, no need for custom builds, HP ENVY Phoenix 810st Desktop PC $1,250 (because I can't find anything as expensive as Apple's garbage). CPU comparisons, iMac: 3.4Ghz quad-core i5 0_o impressive, but! ENVY i7 3.6Ghz quad-core, looks like iMac loses. Next, ram, iMac: 8GB, appreciated by gamers world-wide; however, ENVY: 16GB. Both have 7200RPM 1TB harddrives though, pretty standard. I honestly didn't expect this last part, but the iMac: GTX 2GB Dedicated vRAM, so that's a pretty pleasant surprise, but still, ENVY: GTX 4GB Dedicated vRAM still blows it out of the waters. Face is, not only is the ENVY cheaper, it's got better specs. The only thing I can credit Apple with is they're insane optimization, because they're operating systems run flawlessly under such shitty hardware specs, where as Windows? That blue screen and freezing does tend to get annoying.



In class were doing a Mac vs. PC debate. I'm a Mac. Yay!



Macs are better, case closed. And number 6 means Mac OS X runs better than Windows on Intel. Oh, and why are you Windows users on Mac Life?



This article is so ridiculously idiotic. I will never purchase a Mac or an iPhone (or iAnything for that matter) because I do not want to be associated with the closed minded assholes that form Apple's market. The only thing Apple has done differently than Microsoft is that they've found a way to take advantage of weak-minded individuals who can't think for themselves.

"Oh look! Another new iDevice that looks and acts just like the same iDevice I bought two weeks ago, but this one now has a blue power light instead of a green one! I should go out right now and drop another $500 so everyone that see's me knows how technologically updated and savvy I am!" - typical Apple consumer

You're not technologically savvy, you're only a moron for paying quadruple the price you should be because you're too insecure, superficial, and shallow to consider anything else.

So I can thankfully say to Apple, your nazi-marketing tactics and brainwashing techniques did not work on me... And I will much sooner wipe my ass with a cactus than ever be caught dead in public with a Mac or iPhone.



What is wrong with you???


Joseph Cardiff

I'm really ashamed of the Mac users to be honest. And if they can't win a debate, they'll just throw commercial crap at you and stop listening.

@ vszymczak

Learn something about computers, then comment. And maybe you should try reading all arguments, double check them, think about it, and then if you seem to be wrong, admit you were wrong and stop acting like a little child crying for his mommy.
By the way, Mac Hero, I love using Mac, but I hate the rest around it. Mac community my ass. You guys are an example of how stupid, narrow-minded and childish a mature person can be.
Perfect example of "NO, YOU!" behaviour.

@ idbardin79

Kid, please leave daddy's Mac for more useful purposes, instead of screaming random stuff so you don't have to accept the facts.
You seem pretty spoiled, you know that? Daddy should've treat you a little harsher, because you're quite arrogant.

@ Everyone

Right now I am extremely pissed off because of your ridiculous behaviour.
If everybody just shuts her/his pathetic trap, and actually do something worth mentioning, the world would be much loveable.

Having said that, I now rest my case, and I HOPE, the rest of the world does that as well.
Mac isn't far ahead anymore of Windows, they're just good liars.
Windows is after Mac's ass, and you know it.

PS: Mac users are always the most arrogant, annoying and non-thinking people of Linux, Windows and Mac users.


I Hate Macs

#6 is very,very wrong, as are most points on this list.PC's have faster intel processors than mac.....i7 beats core 2 duo retards...also the amd processors are faster than the mac shit....

Your list is very poorly written. You couldn't even think of 25 false statements so you made comments that practically repeat themselves.

How come Windows Users don't make lists? I think Mac Users should shut there goddamn pieholes, cause they're the idiots here.You guys are willing to fork out 3 grand for a shitty 4 year old computer.

P.S, My desktop costs about the same as an iMac. The difference, however, is that it will outperform it by about 4x or more.



I thought mac users were supposed to be more sophisticated, casual and more intellectual?

Yet they know nothing about other operating systems, since they clearly just listen to what their commercials for their products tell them.

Macs are definitely for yuppie republican brain washed moron hipsters who think they are so different, and they think their computer reflects upon their life.



All you Mac haters on this site only like PC because you guys don't have enough money to buy an expensive -- yes, expensive -- but REALLY GREAT computer!!!!!!!!!!! Go to some PC loving site instead and stop stating arguments that are entirely stupid and are total and complete lies!!!!!!!



Came across this site while looking for TF2 case mods (hail the power of google).So let me break this down for you.

1. Big clunky, cumbersome towers stashed under the desk are so ʼ90s.

>MacPro? All in ones SUCK have no upgradability and overheating problems.

2. Not to mention just UGLY UGLY UGLY!

>That is personal opinion however i find both of these look better and cool better than mac cases http://www.newegg.com/Product/ImageGallery.aspx?CurImage=11-119-150-S01&ISList=11-119-150-S01%2c11-119-150-S02%2c11-119-150-S03%2c11-119-150-S04%2c11-119-150-S05%2c11-119-150-S06%2c11-119-150-S07%2c11-119-150-S08%2c11-119-150-S09%2c11-119-150-S10%2c11-119-150-S11%2c11-119-150-S12%2c11-119-150-S13&S7ImageFlag=1&Item=N82E16811119150&Depa=0&WaterMark=1&Description=COOLER%20MASTER%20COSMOS%20S%20RC-1100-KKN1-GP%20Black%20Aluminum%20ATX%20Full%20Tower%20Computer%20Case http://www.newegg.com/Product/ImageGallery.aspx?CurImage=11-119-186-TS&ISList=11-119-186-S01%2c11-119-186-S02%2c11-119-186-S03%2c11-119-186-S04%2c11-119-186-S05%2c11-119-186-S06%2c11-119-186-S07%2c11-119-186-S08%2c11-119-186-S09%2c11-119-186-S10%2c11-119-186-S11%2c11-119-186-S12&S7ImageFlag=1&Item=N82E16811119186&Depa=0&WaterMark=1&Description=COOLER%20MASTER%20ATCS%20840%20RC-840-SSN1-GP%20Silver%20Aluminum%20ATX%20Full%20Tower%20Computer%20Case

3. No, turning their machines into Satanʼs spawn (or any other case mod they can think of) does NOT make a PC tower any less UGLY.

>once again personal opinions.Also why did you choose such an ugly case mod?

4. Satanʼs spawn canʼt protect from viruses... the majority of which are written for PCs.

>Why would ANYONE write a virus for something that only holds 5% of the market?

5. Four words: Blue Screen Of Death!

>The last time i has a BSOD that was windows fault was while testing windows longhorn alpha build 4074

6. They need to wake up and join the new millennium - Macs run on Intel processors just like PCs... except better.

>and i prefer AMD...Also how are they better? THEY ARE MADE ON THE SAME DIES

7. Do they really like to watch their computers reboot that much?

>The last time i was forced to reboot my pc was during a driver installation and geuse what? YOU HAVE TO DO THAT ON MAC TO.

8. Cheaper... riiiiight... and how much do they spend on getting that thing fixed and/or upgraded?

>I am not even going to dignify this with an answer.

9. They gotta get an account with Terminix to deal with all those bugs in their apps! Hyuk yuk yuk!

>And Macs have no apps to have bugs with.

10. “Plays For Sure”... doesnʼt really play, for sure.

>LRN 2 read system requirments

11. Who wants to be bothered with arcane details like - what I/O port a peripheral is assigned to? When it comes to plug-and-play, Macs are the real deal!

>I haven't had to deal with that sense windows 98

12. Weʼve got more important things to do than play games all day.

>Look at porn?

13. They think they're special just because they have more USB ports. Jerks.

>USB hub ???? PROFIT


>You have no games.

15. Weʼve got better friends.

>have fun with that

16. Almost every show on TV uses an iPhone. When's the last time Windows Mobile solved a CSI case?

>When was the last time they PAYED to advertise a windows mobile phone? Also i Prefer Palm os for this.Multitasking FTW.

17. Envy is one of the seven deadly sins you know.

>i am a atheist kthanksbah

18. PC stands for “politically correct”, which the classic American film, PCU taught us is a lame, lame concept.


19. Not only are the products better, Apple has better ads than PCs too.

>Mac adds use slander to advertise there products.Also i say this from OWNING a mac pro.I prefer my Windows PC.

20. Hundreds waited in line for the Mac OS X Leopard release. Windows Vista line... not so long.

>Windows 95 98 2000 xp Se7en

21. PC users still think the Mac mouse has only one button.

>once again LOLWUT

22. Speaking of mice... PC users might want to take a second and thank the success of the Macintosh for the one theyʼve got in their hands today. Yeah, you're welcome.

>I thank Xerox for that LRN2 History

23. Gadgets are just Widget rip-offs. Do we have to think of everything for PCs to copy?

Like the GUI it is a eventual conclusion.Desktop gadgets were around for years before Mac made them in 3erd party apps.

24. They get excited over “expandability” and “upgradeablility” - well, I hate to tell yaʼ, but most modern day Macs donʼt need any upgrade of their own. In fact, Macs have a longer computing life than most PCs. Just ask Robbie about the eight-year old G4 he uses at home to video edit with. When's the last time you saw an eight-year old PC do anything except crash?

>Today when i pulled files off my 8 year old NAS

25. The Eternal Shame of Windows Vista: ʻNuff said.

>There was nothing wrong with Vista except people trying to run it on 512 MB of ram and a Celeron D.There were other issues but this is to be expected with ANNY major kernel change and they were patched.I have sense moved on to Se7en.



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1. Macs are small because there isn't anything to them. Derp.
2. Aren't I looking at the monitor while we use the computer?
3. Because everyone makes modcases, right?
4. Antivirus programs + Common sense = Problem solved
5. I've had Vista for over a year and a half and I haven't been blue screened once.
6. Says who? Steve Jobs?
Yeah right.
7. No, not really.
8. 60 dollars total for a new graphics card. And chances are I wouldn't have been able to install it on a Mac, thus leading to the purchase of an entirely new system.
9. Ummm, no.
10. Strange.. I've only had compatibility issues with printer and even that was easy to get around.
11. I've never had to set IRQ on A PC. Ever.
12. Like write biased articles, right?
13. I counted three on the front of my system
14. That's because you're snobby and your system sucks for games. Duh.
15. Hey they're famous they must have good taste."
16. See above.
17. wait what
18. Excuse me, but what the hell does this have to do with the quality of the system?
19. See above. And the ads are hilariously biased.
20. Hey look, some mac users waited in a line for hours for something they probably could've ordered online beforehand. Wha tdoes that tell me about them?
21. No, not really. And those things still fit so awkwardly in your hand and have a tiny scroll wheel. Their trackpads aren't much better, have to hold control to right click is terrible, and the lack of keyboard shortcuts doesn't help either.
22. See 18.
23. Then I guess Apple ripped off Microsoft by using Intel, right?
24. I've never seen an eight year old PC do anything but crash.. duuuuuuuuuuuur
25. Turn off UAC, disable the background programs, Vista no longer sucks. It's magic.



As a graphic artist and network admin I work with both all day, every day. It’s all a matter of what you are using it for. Anyone who says “Macs are more stable” clearly has their head in the sand. Mac’s can crash just as often as any PC, more so when you start loading it up with software that isn’t produced by Apple. It’s important to note that I rarely see crashes on either platform because I know what I’m doing.

If you are computer literate, you can squeeze a lot of performance and reliability out of any PC. The BSOD? Are you kidding me? I’ve seen the BSOD a grand total of twice in the last 6 years, and I have personally built and use 13 computers at home. At work, I am responsible for 37 servers/desktops running various Windows OS’s from Server NT all the way up to Vista Ultimate. I have never seen the BSOD on any of those machines.

As for i/o assignments, that’s probably the dumbest argument for not owning a PC I’ve ever heard. When was the last time anyone had to set up IRQ assignments on a PC? With the ridiculous amount of PC’s I own I’ve never once had an issue with PnP devices. Did I mention I own a dual 1.42Ghz Power Mac G4 for video editing? I tried installing an eSATA card on the Mac and it was anything but simple PnP. After updating the drivers twice I still had to update the firmware to get it work. Anyone here ever had issues with a video capture device on a Mac such as an AJA io? Yeah, it all works until Apple releases an update for Quicktime or FCP that doesn’t jive with the firmware or drivers for the AJA. Pinwheel of death (PWOD – lol)? Yeah I’ve seen a lot of it. Just as much as I’ve seen the desktop freeze on a PC. Either way you can just kill the process responsible and you’re good to go. It’s called the Task Manager, people. Get to know it. It’s just like the Activity Monitor on a Mac.

Some might say I’m biased towards PC’s. I’m not. I love editing in Final Cut Pro. I could use my main PC and Avid, which would smoke the latest MacPro, but I much prefer the Final Cut Studio software. It’s all a matter of preference. Avid and FCP are both solid performers, but I’m used to FCP. But when it comes to 3D, my PC will crush the latest MacPro, and at a fraction of the cost. Total system bandwidth is higher, memory is cheaper, the video card is better and cheaper, etc etc. Using Maya as a benchmark, I saw a 25% decrease in render time over the latest MacPro. That’s substantial seeing as the MacPro costs nearly twice as much for a similar spec.

What it all boils down to is user competence. I’ve navigated both OS’s with ease. Neither is really more user friendly than the other, just differently laid out. Daily tasks can be carried out in the same amount of time on either OS. The real advantage of having a Mac is software integration. FCP Studio is made by Apple, for Apple hardware. Chances of a conflict are zero. That said, upgrading a Mac is difficult, especially if you like having a warranty, and there is just so much more software available for a PC (though that’s beginning to change). Who said Macs don’t need upgrades? That’s moronic. You can always use more RAM, additional storage, or a video card upgrade. And I got news for you: mechanical parts break. Hard drives quit. Power supplies die. Sooner or later you will need to replace the parts. If you know nothing about computers, you can get scammed regardless of what you prefer.

As for viruses, the more Apple’s market share goes up, the more you will become exposed to the threat of malware. Simple as that. The solution? Learn how to avoid viruses. I’m not going to go into a lot of detail, but in most cases AV software is useless. There are good reasons for using it, but if you know what you are doing you don’t really need it. I have one machine that runs AV software. It is always online and is therefore exposed 24/7. I’m in the process of installing OpenSUSE on it to avoid that problem because I hate how much system resources any AV app will devour. Linux is by far the most secure OS. Without root password, an attacker is impotent.

So to all you Mac fanatics, you need to reevaluate your position. You also need to stop posting uninformed propaganda. Most of the stuff in the list above is unsubstantiated nonsense written by a noob. If you know nothing about computers, you are not qualified to have an opinion. You can say you like OSX better than Win XP, sure, but you cannot say that a Mac is faster, better, less prone to error, etc just because you read it here. Do your homework, then you can bash a PC. It’s starting to sound like some kind of religious cult. Someone posts their uninformed and grossly biased opinion and you all say “Moooo, it’s true, PC’s suck! We hate PC users! Moo! Mooo!”. You are not cattle, you are people. Test for yourself and make your own opinion.



I can tell you from having used both Mac's and PC's both at home and at work that if you believe that they are equally stable and the likelyhood of crashing is the same, YOU HAVE YOUR HEAD IN THE SAND. Think of the two terms associated w/crashing "The Blue Screen of Death" and "Beachball". There is ABSOLUTELY no comparison.  ANYONE WHO KNOWS ANYTHING WILL TELL YOU MACS ARE MORE STABLE.   GET YOUR HEAD OUT OF THE SAND!!!!!!! Also, I am not informed by propaganda, I am informed by facts. I have a Mac Pro (Intel) and run Vista (after Windows ME the biggest joke MS has EVER put out. MOJAVE...NEED I SAY MORE). If you think Windows (ANYONE OF THE OS's) is better than OSX you are dumber than you sound.



I would never have believe a site like this could attract so many Mac-haters (including me), until your "list" proved me wrong.

Still, I think you deserve a congratulations. Articles are not completely torn apart like this everyday.

Why haven't you responded? Are you too busy buying a PC?

Where are the Mac lovers? Can't think of a proper reply with hard facts? Or are you still playing with your widgets?



1. Um... modern cases? I mean, you can put them under the desk, or you can stand them atop. Not to mention that you can also put them in a slimline case to stack horizontally, or just hide elsewhere.

2. Case mods?

3. See, first you complain about boring cases, then you complain when someone makes an out-of-the-ordinary case. Make up your mind.

4. Aaand? That's like complaining that tons of robbers want to steal a Ferrari. PCs simply have a greater userbase, therefore more hackers will write viruses for them.

5. Oh, you must mean the BSoD that rarely ever happens on modern versions of Windows, right?

6. Just better? Elaborate. The processors macs use are the same exact damn architecture. It's like when the younger brother boasts about his slice of the sandwich is bigger/has more meat/is somehow superior to the other slice of the sandwich, despite the fact that both sides are perfectly equal.

7. Um... what? Last time I rebooted this machine was about... a week, perhaps?

8. Most issues that happen to computers that require them to be taken to a computer repair shop are easily avoidable with a mixture of common sense, basic intelligence, updating your OS and anti-virus, and making regular backups and running regular scans (which every sane person should do). This is like stating that you spend more money repairing a certain brand of car because it breaks down more often when in reality you just have a bad habit of crashing into the car because the car does not possess a magical "steers you away from fucking trees" mechanic.

9. Even you admit this one was a joke.

10. Certified for Windows Vista is simply a marketing tool. Oh shit, the cat's out of the bag, it's over microsoft is finished.

11. I've never once had to deal with that. Ever. In my entire time of working with computers. If there's something that requires you to mess with that, chances are you'd run into the same error with a mac, too.

12. Oh I see, like word processing, basic office work, printed circuit board design, scientific studies, running servers and such? Too bad nobody ever uses macs for that kind of work.

13. Yup. :3

14. See 13.

15. Okay, celebrities use macs. Celebrities also use Windows machines. Your point being?


17. Um.. what?

18. This is like stating "M$" is the proper abbreviation for Microsoft since MS stands for multiple sclerosis. I actually saw someone argue that once.

19. In the sense that Apple ads do their job (entrench themselves in your mind), yeah they're fucking great. I can't stand that hipster douchebag.

20. Ooookay?

21. Kinda like how mac users still think PCs crash every other minute and BSoD on the drop of a hat?

22. And I'm sure Mac users would like to thank Microsoft for the refinement of the graphical user interface, innovative Microsoft Office suite, and hundreds of thousands of programs that Apple uses. You're welcome.

23. Weren't widgets/gadgets/whatever the fuck done long before either OS did anything to do with them? Complaining about something like this is really petty.

24. Because modern-day macs CAN'T upgrade on their own.

25. Oh, the "shame" from using a new version of Windows that is perpetuated by everyone who uses the same illegitimate complaints that they used on XP 7 years ago and will again when Windows 7 comes out? The "shame" that comes from nothing more than the FUD (holy shit do I hate myself for using this word but it's the only thing that fits here) Mac fanboys and sensationalists generated? Okay.

thank you marty chang..



1. Justin Long is a dick - There are only two people who are fans of Justin Long, his agent and his mother. And to be perfectly honest, we're not even sure about the latter.

2. Shinier = better - Just because your computer is shiny and aluminum doesn't mean it's better. We'll take a Lenovo X300 over a MacBook Air any day.

3. We don't want to be Steve Jobs' bitch - You guys constantly get reamed by the House of Jobs, whether it's the incessant train of forced hardware upgrades, lightning fast price cuts, or the industry standard features that Apple supports with proprietary implementations, Mac users get hit where it hurts most--the wallet.

4. OS X is awesome - It's not nice to pick on disadvantaged folks (it's the reason why we seldom pick on Mac users). We all know that OS X is awesome, but we defend Vista even though it sucks because it's what we're stuck with. Just because you've got something that's better, doesn't mean you need to get all Justin Long about it.

5. Team Fortress 2 kicks ass - We believe you when you say you have more important things to do than play games. Like sitting in Starbucks dressed in stonewashed jeans wishing you could play games. But hey, Oregon Trail still rocks, right?

6. Elmo had a line, too - We can't dispute that hundreds waited in line for the Mac OS X Leopard release, just as many also clamored for the Tickle Me Elmo doll when it first came out. But we're still not trading in our cooler toys to get one.

7. We have Newegg - Intel P45 motherboard: $99. Core 2 Duo E8400: $170. 2GB DDR3-1333 RAM: $80. Not having to throw away your PC and buy a brand new one when it comes time to upgrade: Priceless.

8. Secure in our insecurity - You love to tout the lack of viruses targeted towards Macs as an indication that Macs are more secure, but could it be that even hackers don't give a f*** about Mac users? In a way, it'd be like invading Iceland. It's not that it can't be done, but what's the point?

9. Mighty Mouse - Like all things Mac, the Mighty Mouse is cute. And also mighty lame compared to the Logitech G5 PC users have been computing with for the past 24 months. But then again, what would a Mac user do with all those buttons?

10. Who compiles 25 reasons of why Macs don't suck? - Mac users do. And while we'd love to spend time coming up with 25 retorts, we have better things to do. Like play games, run executables, overclock, watch NBC Olympics On The Go, and not overpay for under powered hardware.

plus, you can thank Xerox for the GUI and the mouse. Go ahead. too bad people like you continue to give macs and their users a bad name. i'm off to play TF2 with my 12 button mouse (THANKS XEROX), you enjoy riding your high horse



don't bother arguing with me either, this is a one time login apparently, and i sure the heck won't bother coming back to a site like this. good job running off a pc user who was just getting curious from running OSx86 on his homebuilt gaming rig



Not much has changed since the days of MacAddict. They've even failed to update many of their PC vs. Mac arguments. And they've failed to realize that this debate has been over for nearly ten years.

When will the editors get it that it's no longer 1995 and start writing about how cool the "Mac Life" is and forget about the PC dorks?



Is this uninformative, sophomoric article the best that you can come up with? If it is, I think I'll unsubscribe.



Thank you, XEROX PARC!



I am appalled at the number of typographical errors, misspelled words, and general misuse of the English language from both PC and Mac users alike. There is a lot to be said for how one presents their self in the public eye. The Spell Check world in which we live only inhibits our ability to effectively communicate with one another if the basic skills of reading and writing are ignored. Our credibility as interpretive communicators is diminished. We can't blame that one on Bill or Steve. We can only blame ourselves. One may want to "power down" a little more often and open a book instead.



I'll just leave this here...
"Macs, so good that Windows Vista has twice the market share".



as a user of vista, os x and ubuntu i have to say it's very tiring hearing the mac and linux only crowd talk about how much better they are than microsoft. yes we know vista sucks, we knew that before it came out but many of the top 25 reasons are ignorant assumptions that you have made.

1.> PC's are avaible built directly into a moniter, keyboard, and towers of various sizes and many of our cases are gorgeous, have you taken a look at the HP blackbird that voodoo pc worked on... stunning

2.> True PC's are more likely to get a virus than a mac, but really macs have an insignificant share of the market and it's really pointless to write a virus for it.

3.> we don't spend that much on our systems, with pc's starting at around $400 and components readily avaible to us it's extremely cheap to perform upgrades or we can spend thousands on a machine that will dominate our expectations.(btw i'm not so sure vista has a BSOD.

4.> we know macs use intel processors, thats how several people have managed to get osx running on PC's(illegeally)

5.> we can do more than play games on our PC's but yes that is a huge argument. we have way more software options than any other format and can do anything else on a comparable level.

6.> thank you for the mouse, and actually for theacceptence of a computer inside our homes(or did you forget that the MacII was the first widely accepted computer for home use, and without it man of us would have lost years of computing pleasure.

7.> widgets were not created for apple or orginally even for mac's. stardock(a windows skinning and customization software company) introduced them for windows based machines, they were later converted to web applications, THEN apple included them with their OS. just because they were not a standard part of our OS doesn't mean we didn't have them(stardock also orginated the dock, and still has a better version)

now i do love my macbook pro and there are many tasks that i definatly prefer to do on my mac because the tools i have avaible to me are better... but seriously there is no reason to attack windows users they do know the flaws of their systems and it macs every mac user sound like an elitist ass.



apple ripped off the gui and i believe the mouse from xerox

pc's do have the bsod that will tell you what is going wrong using google

pin wheel of death = omg what is wrong with my mac better take it to the shop cause i cant diagnose it cause i havent payed the $1000 to take the apple courses



1) you need towers if you want real hardware in your computer
2) Not everyone thinks Apples "make it look like a toilet seat" design strategy is that attractive
5) I have three Macs and 2 pcs, and have seen a ratio of about 50 mac crashes to everyone 1 blue screen, and that is being kind
6) Since when? I've seen tons of benchmarks since Macs went intel and windows especially in the case of XP blew Macs away.
8) It's cheaper to upgrade one component than to buy a whole new system
9) Apparently they aren't counting bugs in apple apps, because I know I run into way more...
10) Yes, lets go with itunes for poor quality music that only plays in ipods because that works much better
11) WTF? Talk about stretching
12) Like talk about how you are all about fun stuff and then not be able to play most games
13) huh?
14) Probably invited because you would probably get bored by not being able to join in on the fun
15) Good for you, I'm sure it's a real plus to attract the weirdos in hollywood.
16) maybe that's because the iphone only works well in fantasy not reality
17) Huh?
18) really stretching
19) So quality of ads are based how how big of a lie you can get away with?
22) Like everything Apple they took something done well before them and pretended they invented it.
23) You mean the widgets Apple stole from konfabulator? At least Microsoft put the two second of thought into changing the name so it wasn't so blatant. Then again if Apple did that they might as well think about coming up with a new idea on their own.
24) 8 years old computer? I have 3 at home that are older and none are Macs. Nice try though
25) I use a Vista computer at home and work and both are faster and more reliable and faster than any Mac I've ever used. Of course it's important to bash Vista than to spend a second or two actually coming up with a positive about Macs, Apple might need to actually think for once.



A pathetic article, poorly written by a pitiful "author". I find it sad that a grown woman can come across like such a child due to her outrageous zealotry over her choice of electronic equipment.

Lisa Weddle, you should be ashamed.


PC Pro

1. thick clunky heavy ass screens are much less atractive than 1/2 inch thick flatpanels although i dont think most mac users would be able to handle plugging two thing in the back though (DVI + Power!!111!)

2. Are you high or obsessed thin shiny pieces of plastic? There are hundreds of flashy cases availible for PCs that a) look cooler than the mac just by eye candy
b) support cd drives that atcually work
c) are designed for water cooling and cousom lighting

3. pffft that is one of the best casemods i have seen and dont think they were going for pretty either. sorry that the lack of flat aluminum and shiny white plastic makes something not pretty to you.

4. WOW a accurate reason. The majority of countries also dont intend to invade greenland.

5. Odd how windows makes an attemt to tell you why it crashed. (you know when your mac shuts off for no reson that is called a crash, its not a automatic shutdown feature)I have never had a non overclocking related crash. but hey, i know how to update drivers:D

6. LOL exept better... MAC 2.0ghz core2duo 28 FPS (frames per second) in line rider, ACER 1.6 GHZ Pentium dual-core 31 FPS in line rider, identical maps.

7. Why is my computer Rebooting? Its called the reboot later button, than when you are done using it hit the restart and you wont even have to watch. Hard to comprehend i know.

8. yes they are about 40% cheaper, the hardware failure rates are barely higher than in macs

9. lol buggy apps, i'll show you buggy apps:
safari tries to open a webpage
camino tries to exit and crashes for good measure
guess im done with youtube now
I dont reccomend opening more than 2 apps at once
these are just a few of the hundreds of program crashes my mac has expirenced in its 1 year of existence.

10. true but atleast it can be executed

11. why would i care what i/o port somethings assingned to if the device is that finiky ill gaureente it wont work on a mac. and what do you do when you plug in something that just DOESNT work.

12. true, take funny pictures of yourself

13. yes mac book airs make my $500 laptop feel special and fast.

14. sorry your computers dont support directX9

15. not going to click the link but its called advertising and fanboyism. For an example Al Gore is sponsored by Apple and there is a reason why everyone in the movies in using a apple.

16. Its called advertising and im sure windows xp has solved alot more real problems

17. crppy laptop dethroned by less crappy laptop, make excuse.

18. OK... that matters because?

19. lol desprate inaccurate negative advertising. Theres alway the sucker though that thinks PCs dont work with japanese cameras

20. one word... Fanboyism To avoid a depression relapse the must boost their self affection by giving money to their god The Almighty Jobs

21. If apple sells them macusers will buy them. ive seen plenty with one button, not to metion EVERY LAPTOP

22. don't know what your trying to say and don't care at this point

23. LOL Dumbest one yet. Every one knows Apple ripped off yahoo widget engine. Vista users should turnoff the dock and install yahoo widget engine for a 20% increase in speed. Microsofts gadgets are horribly prosessor intensive

24. have fun on your eight year old g4 and i'll be getting work done on my quad core PC

25. Bring your drivers in to the year 2008 and give up on vista sucking



I hope that with all of the very valid points you made that you are aware that what appears to be a single button mouse is anything but, especially the LAPTOPS. They are multitouch trackpads that have multiple functions including "right-click". Other than that one you make valid points and I am probably just another sucker that has fallen in love with something out of frustration with another.



Will the real Lisa Weddle Please stand up and explain what hell just happened here? I am sure you spent a lot of your time making up this list of...lets see 25 reasons with accompanying pictures...how fun. What should have been done here is a little more investigative journalism, you know double checking your facts before going to print. I think you've been watching to many of those Mac commercials (You know the cool hip guy out smarting the nerd at his own game), because your list is flawed. Now, lets all put this behind us and move on.

...Pie anyone?



My Imac runs Vista, Linux and Mac. Also thrown in are few NES, Sega and Coleco emulators.

What is the big deal. Buy one machine run anything.

I especially love when my IMac/Vista blue screens me, it is so comforting.



To start off with... this is being typed on my Macbook Pro. If you skip most of this, please see #23 at least. With that said:

1: As someone pointed out, the G5 and Mac Pro are ginormous. Also, there are systems such as the Fragbox that have come out that are almost as small as the Mac Mini, and almost as powerful as the Mac Pro.
2: There are quite a few ugly PCs, but there are tons of very nice looking boxes as well. Personally, I like choice. Mac is like the Model T Ford quote which I'll now butcher: "You can have any color you want, so long as it's black"
3: Companion Cube PC. Modding can be nifty, as well.
4: The majority were written for unpatched Windows boxes. I haven't had a virus since the very early 90s. It wasn't Windows' fault, either... it was mine. That said, I prefer the BSD/Linux/OSX multiuser environment for security reasons and yes, virus protection.
5: A couple of more words: Black Screen of Death (I've had it twice since buying this Macbook Pro just under a month ago) and the spinning beach ball of death. I haven't had a BSoD since moving to... wait for it... VISTA... on my home PC.
6: Except not as upgradable when Intel comes out with new stuff. You know what else is neat? AMD. Choice is FUN.
7: So far, I've had more reboots with my Mac than my Vista machine.
8: They're cheaper because there's competition. While buying new (built-to-order) PCs are often comparable in price... but off-the-shelf already made? No competition. I bought my last laptop for 600 bucks. This one was 2 grand. As for breaking... a reinstall fixes everything, no matter HOW computer illiterate you are... except hardware.
9: This is a good point, actually. Windows isn't the problem. It's the rushed applications and rushed drivers. Windows developers just don't CARE as much. Where are all of my pretty WPF apps for Vista? This is one of the main reasons I bought a Mac. The developers that code for the Mac LOVE the Mac, and it shows.
10: Plays For Sure was killed. Are you going to bring up Microsoft Bob next? Some things fail.
11: PORTS? Are you SERIOUS? Have you not used a PC in the last 10 years? Let's talk about SCSI, then... wow! THAT was easy stuff, huh?
12: More important stuff like Photobooth and podcasts? If Steve Jobs took gaming seriously, they would finally destroy Windows.
13: Mac users think they're better because they have more Firewire ports. Jerks... oh... except Apple took the Firewire away for recent iPods. I guess they forgot that Firewire was better?
14: Maybe they'll have a gaming LAN set up in Starbuck's sometime, and you can all stare awkwardly at each other and never speak. Good times!
15: The other poster got that one: Everyone else uses a PC.
16: I have a Macbook Pro, a Zune, and a Windows Mobile Phone. Get over yourself... the iPhone couldn't wipe my Sprint Mogul's slide-out keyboard! Yes... the Zune and a lot of Windows Mobile phones are better than the Apple counterparts. (For the record, it's a Joy Division Zune)
17: This would have been funny if it was #7 on the list.
18: Macintosh had to shorten it's name so most Mac users could SPELL it.
19: They're filled with lies and outdated information, but yep... they're great ads... However, my opinion of marketing reflects that of the late Bill Hicks. I don't know when it became "cool" to be into marketing.
20: Most of them were back the next day with their non-functioning Macs. Leopard had PROBLEMS... or did everyone forget?
21: In all fairness, the Mighty Mouse certainly LOOKS like it does. Why did they HIDE it?
22: Thank you, Apple.
23: This one is my favorite. Gadgets are rip-offs of Widgets? Ever heard of a little program called Konfabulator? THE PROGRAM APPLE COMPLETELY AND TOTALLY RIPPED OFF?!??! Dashboard is almost IDENTICAL to Konfabulator.
24: I have 3 PCs at home. The current one is 2, the main server is 6, and the other is over 10 years old. I have a few others now running Linux, but they're not active... but they're about 8 years old, too. I also have an iMac that's about 5 years old. It runs Panther. It doesn' run any applications, though, because none of them are backwards compatible.
25: Vista's actually pretty awesome. See # 9



I registered just to compliment this guy/girl. Pie anyone?



All I have to say is wow. I can't tell if most of this list is a joke or not. A lot of Mac users I come across everyday very much exemplify the persona this list lays out.

I found it kind of funny that the tags to this post are "Windows" and "Evangelism". I looked up evangelism in the Dictionary widget on my MacBook and saw that it gave a definition of "zealous advocacy of a cause". I looked up zealot and it said "a person who is fanatical and uncompromising...". Fanatical: Filled with EXCESSIVE and single-minded zeal... needless to say I found this funny. This is how a lot of PC owners view Mac owners. And this list proves the point, again.

Let me try to correct some of the fallacies that were laid out in this list. (I am trying to be as unbiased and logical as I can be, I have to be to sell most of the major brands of computers - including Apple.)

First off #1 - "Big clunky, cumbersome towers stashed under the desk are so ʼ90s": Can you say Mac Pro? That tower is bigger than most PC towers. Clunky? Have you ever tried to heft it? I have. It is not a light piece of equipment. Also - How conveniently you forgot the PowerMac G5 and the PowerMac G4.

#2 - Really? Again, PowerMac G4. What about the imac G3 - those big colored ones? Or did you not own a Mac back then?

#3 - Yeah... the imac G3 kinda corresponds with this one too.

#4 - This is true. But viruses and spyware DO exist for Macs too. Of course not in the abundance of Windows but there are some.

#5 - Have you ever seen a Mac not boot but instead get stuck on a gray screen with a spinning gear forever until you turn it off? I have.

#7 - No. Mine doesn't reboot that much.

#8 - The first part of this is true. PCs are not cheaper. They only seem cheaper because most of the time a really low-end C is being compared to a Mac (minus the MacMini because it actually is pretty cheap). The second part to this - fixing/upgrading. Macs are computers too. What do you do when some hardware in your Mac starts acting up or breaking down? Apple offers Apple Care for a reason. Apple also created TimeMachine for a reason. Upgrading - let's say you want ilife 08 but your little PowerBook G4 isn't good enough to run it, what do you do? If you spent 1800 on a desktop like one of the iMacs; you could build a computer just as good... excluding the OS because that is really what the arguement is all about.

#12 - Microsoft developed the very first version of Office in 1989, for Mac. So I would say PCs have more important things to do too. Macs only have more important things to do than play games because they simply can't play as many games... unless of course you bootcamped Windows onto a Mac.


#15 - Wouldn't this mean ALL other celebrities use PCs? :P

#16 - This actually was a pretty funny. I am a fan of the iphone.

#18 - Macs are PCs too. Apple said so themselves. Touche. (I hope some of you get that.)

#19 - That all depends on your definition of better. What does Mac have when it comes to Photoshop? They do have better ads though.

#21 - This actually is true. It is kinda funny but sad at the same time when I have to show people that they can have two-button functionality.

#23 - Yeah, Microsoft was lame for doing that.

#24 - My eight-year-old PC plays a lot of games; surfs the internet; does email, word documents, and excel spreadsheets just fine. In fact, I have never had any of my computers crash except in the case of hardware dying which takes us back to #8.

#25 - Nice. Don't forget the other shameful version of Windows - ME

I love Macs, I do think they are superior to PCs for most applications. I only posted this to quiet down all those Mac fanboys (girls included) that blindly say "Macs are the best" with no argument to back their statement. Lists like this only give the Mac fanboys more baseless enthusiasm to bash PCs. Blind zealotry is not going to switch people to a Mac it is just going to push people away. Next time you start talking about your Mac or any PC try to step beside yourself and think about what you are really saying.

But this is just my opinion.



The other side of MS theough the years.

1. The top 25 keep thousands employed fixing
2. With 1, above, MS has created the huge workfare world.

Enjoy, MS lovers. (with closed pie holes)



26. The outright laughable "Mojave Experiment" and its feeble attempt to erase The Eternal Shame of Windows Vista.



#21 is hilarious to me :D

Does anyone have a PC that a Mac networks to? The little icon for a PC is a little monitor w/ the blue screen of death - little *jab jab* there from Apple - it's great! ;)

Unfortunately, I use a PC at work - but I'm trying to convince the IT guys to go Mac.... I don't think it's going to work.


Photographer / Graphic Designer / Mac Lover


Roberto Baldwin

The image for item #5 is how a PC looks to a Mac using Leopard.  I love that icon.



Rather than redesigning the kernel for OS X ( NT ) Apple went with a tried and true UNIX based kernel...



for some people a mac is just so out of there comfort zone they do not realize that a mac is way better then any pc in the world



I hate to burst everyones bubble, but "PC" stands for Personal Computer! Last I checked there was no operating system on the market titled Personal Computer. There are also Pros and Cons to both Windows PCs and Mac PCs.  If there are better things to do with gaming how come Macs can play some games now?  Windows Vista does have compatability issues, but so does mac. Rebooting a Windows PC almost everytime you load new software does suck. Why does the new 15.4" MacBook Pro have to when you switch which graphics processor you use? The all-in-one form factor of the iMacs are a HUGE +. iLife suite programs included and work extremely well together +++ Mac is definately a computer for life-type application...so why no memory card reader?  It's nice that osx lets you boot windows on a mac machine, but Who'd wanna do that?It's nice that non mac machines can run osx, but who'd wanna do that? It's nice that if I have a windows PC in my room I can watch actual TV and not have to buy it through iTunes It's nice that Mac are not prone to viruses... excuse me... AS prone to viruses. (I have only known 3 mac users to actually catch a virus however) Windows is pretty much worthless online if you don't have antivirius and internet security. (I guess virus makers know that more people use windows so might as well make more viruses for that OS right?) Bottom line: I am sure the world is tired of listening to people cry about which is better. With any of the many FREE linux OSs out there you can make it look like XP, Vista, OSX, and have relatively the exact same functionally as either company, but who'd wanna do that? haha JK ITs a personal preference thing per individual. DUH!! get over it.   



What both sides are forgeting is tahat even tho PHYSICALLY macs and pcs are the same the users are quite different, the user will pick the operating system that suits there needs, Now this is MY opinion:

1: Both operating systems have there advantages.

2: I can go to best buy and grab and software package and it WILL WORK

3: Macs are more secure, the reason is that mac are sitting on 5% of the market hackers can maximize the effect of their creations when they are written to infect windows systems, BUT it doesnt matter the reason macs are more secure

4 Macs users dont all have better things to do then play video games, BOOTCAMP!!!, Even oradinary mac users buy macs for the same reason that pc people spend $500 dollars on a graphics card, $300 for a mother board, $500 on a processor, the reason is to be exclusive.

5: Linux...

6: DONT be fooled macs are more expensive, to get the same hardware on the pc side would cost a fraction of  a mac, Repairs in the hands of an idiot all the protection in the world cant save a pc from a virus and iff the user is computer ignorant repair bills can stack up. in the hands of a computer literate person most people will never have to bring their computer in for repairs. 

7: Hardware, Pc parts are cheap and guarentied to work with windows, mac is a different story you have to go through apple and use apple parts or themac may not and probably wont work.

8: Os X 10.5 > Vista     Vista has come a long way from the ram devouring beta but still cant take the torch from XP and cant hold one in terms of productivity and ease of use to OsX

9:You cant ignore the gamer s. if your a gamer your not a mac person. Apple cant take a back seat were there at the greatest disadvantage. When you bootcamp you are using a pc not a mac, the hardware is i dentical my comparision is Os X vs Windows

10:  No need to be such an ass about your os Apple, We know its good. Dell never attack macs. plus i hate Justin Long, Seriously your product is good you dont need a douchbag like Justin selling

Both side need to cool it OsX and Windows arnt opposing armies they're options

Linux is mine(try to mount a corrupt hard drive in Window or OsX), Mac is business man's, and Windows is the aliens slayer's. 




Alien Slayer?

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