50 Things We Miss About Old-School Apple



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This article was like a breath of fresh air. I really miss the days when Apple seemed innocent, looking back. And even more, I miss the days when MacLife was MacAddict.commodity broker



Apple is no doubt still one of the best in Ipod and in cell phone industry, I bought my first I pod when I was in France for doinglanguage course paris and it was really an amazing stuff, as it was recently launched in those days so everyone love to take a look on it.



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Apple can still have some fun, but the whimsy is gone. It now feels like Apple's humor is as carefully designed, implemented, and distributed as everything else from Cupertino.  Thinking outside the box is scheduled from 2 PM to 3:30 PM today.  Please plan accordingly.  The colors have been supplanted by brushed metal. The white has been supplanted by brushed metal. Even the iPod, the most identifiable product design since the Coke bottle, has been replaced with cold, corporate metal. There's no way to tell what version you're running of any software without clicking on "About." Apple's drive to "perfect" the product is sucking the creativity out of it. There was once a little thrill in switching to Macs; you got a better computer and got to say you're an iconoclast (true or not). Now, you switch because it's a smarter choice than the PC. When I switched 6 years ago we all smiled. I could walk up to anyone with a Mac and ask to share their table. Now, Mac users are just as solitary as PCs.  They don't make us smile like they used to.



Man, oh man, that was the life. Our daughter was in 8th grade when we brought home the 128 K machine. It flavored her whole life and made her the geek she is today. Back before the internet, there were bulletin boards, and she was ther, lovin' every minute of it. I remember the screams from the "computer room" when the phone rang. Ah, it was a wonderful life. Mac addict Andy



This article was like a breath of fresh air. I really miss the days when Apple seemed innocent, looking back. And even more, I miss the days when MacLife was MacAddict.



I'm happy that you included the MHZ myth, but you forgot about some of the more 'recent' things, like when cd drives used to pop out, and when maclife was called macaddict, when you chose a startup disk, when worldbook was better than the internet, when otto matic came free with your mac and itunes had a sampler, when every new version of itunes brought with it a new color, when your ipod came with a case, when your computer came with all the cables you could possibly need, when iwork was appleworks and had a database utility, when you were the only one who had a mac, when you were happy with your g3 and jealous of every g4, when you used gopher on the internet, when you had to enter startup commands, when floppy disks were floppy, when the only reason you used a pc was to play oregon trail and minesweeper, when macaddict cd's used to have guided tours-and staff videos, when you weren't a conformist but a trend setter.

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Props to whoever decided to use QuickTime for the videos over flash!


Roberto Baldwin

This article is sandwiched between two articles about Snow Leopard. Don't worry we have a ton of Snow Leopard stuff coming your way.


Snow Leopard is coming tomorrow, and this is what you have? Seems like every other major tech site has inside looks at Snow Leopard already. Guess I'll go visit MacInTouch.

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