7 Everyday Places the iPad Will Make Better



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Jim in Acadiana

If the Aps are developed, in a year, every tech savy field engineer and architect will have one. This small screen will allow print mark-ups and needed changes in the field. This will need readers for AutoCAD, SolidWorks, and Inventor. Additionally, project readers and mark-up capability for MS Project and P-3 would be very handy. The interesting part is how to move the info around (WIFI only?)



Every feature you can think of, they already thought of.

it's called iPad 2.0, 3.0, 4.0 etc

Take just a minute and think about the iPhone.



What I would love to see (and this probably won't happen for quite some time) is the ability to plug in an external hard drive into the iPad; so for those with the smaller Flash memory, can still carry about and use the information that doesn't fit on the device (movies, other music, etc). It would be kind of amazing if it allowed bootable drives. I also don't think it even has to involve so much as Finder in OS X, just the ability to browse and use what information you already have.

Just my thought. i can't wait to get mine though :)



Yes, but does it do Flash? 
And why doesn't it have a camera (or two)???



As a film reviewer and internet employee and only having an iMac, I'm forced to work from home. Now I can buy the iPad for much less than a MacBook Pro and work a little while I enjoy my latte..



we are allowed to have laptops, and i just have to prove its a laptop. but i can actually type my notes on a device that will not die

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