Apple’s September 1 Music Event: Our Magic Eight-Ball Predictions



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1.) iPad 2: reply hazy, try again. It's too early for an iPad 2. Think about it; the iPad was released in April.
2.) iOS 4 for iPad: yes-definitely.
3.) White iPhone: signs point to yes.
4.) new iPod touch with front and back-facing cameras and retina display: without a doubt
5.) cloud-based iTunes: outlook not so good
6.) iPod touch FaceTime: yes
7.) iTV: Don't count on it
8.) new iPod nano with better video camera and new colors: outlook good
9.) iLife '10/'11: most likely
10.) iTunes X/10: It is certain



at least on united. i just use a mobile boarding pass and they scan my iphone's screen when i'm at the airport.,6867,66,00.html?jumpLink=%2Fmobileservices&navSource=ValuableOffers&linkTitle=mobile
but hey, if you want to print stuff out that's cool. bluetooth is neat, i guess.



1. iOS 4 for my iPad...

2. a feature to print my boarding pass from my iPad to my bluetooth printer.

is that to much to wish/ask for?



I think, for iOS 4 to come to the iPad!



1) Jobs enters the room and talks about how great the iPhone 4 is.
2) Jobs will finish the iPhone news with something about the white model.
3) Jobs will talk about a new iTunes update, if there is one.
4) New iPod nano and iPod touch are released.
5) Demos of both models.
6) Pricing and availability.
7) The end.



Found this comment on another tech site and thought it was brilliant.

"Apple invite has acoustic guitar on it. Obviously means that cloud-based iTunes is coming, because acoustics don’t need wires to make music."



...because when I asked it about the Beatles coming to itunes, it said "Not In This Lifetime". Yoko is being a total a$$ about this and I don't see her changing her itune anytime soon.
Mine also said "Signs Point To Yes" for the iTV. Steve Jobs is not one to do much in the way of catching up with other products that are introduced first so I think he will, in fact, introduce iTV and let others play catch up with him instead. I don't think he would like the idea of bringing something out next year that was already introduced THIS year by someone else. I just don't see that happening. But my 8Ball could be defective...

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