Apple Picks Sides in Glossy vs. Matte Debate: The Pros and Cons of the Glossy Screen



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If you strongly believe Apple should bring back matte screens for the iMac, cinema displays, and the 13" MacBook Pro .. and even the MacBook Air, then leave a detailed petition at  There are currently over 1,000 details petitions, and counting. Don't just say, "matte", or "bring back matte". There is scope to make your case in detail. Make your voice count.



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Talk about stupid decisions, this makes McCain's choice of Palin look brilliant!

Steve, quick, quick, quicktime fire the IDIOT who made this decision. Yes, fire yourself if you were the IDIOT.



I do not regret for a moment my decision to purchase a matte 17" MBP back in 2006. If you have total control over all your environments' lighting conditions, then you might seriously consider a glossy screen. But for me, matte was an excellent decision.



I agree with the previous comments regarding the glossy debate - for professionals gloss is a no-no. I just purchased a new iMac 24" for my office at work and the only way I can avoid the problems with the gloss screen is to literally work with the lights off. Now I don't mind working with the lights off, I actually prefer it - but, I mean it's an entirely different issue when your dealing with a portable, i.e Macbook Pro. I love Apple just as much as the next guy, what I cannot figure out, however, is where Apple's marketing is heading - the professional demographic should certainly have precedence here - and the majority of us agree - give us some options Apple, we're not saying get rid of glossy, but please - don't get rid of our friend Matte.



Late 1940s thru early 1960 s Glaring TV Screens were an Eyesore. 1960s Navy Screens in Japan & Viet-Nam 12 to 14 hours a Day gave Sore Eyes. 1970s TVs, Game Machines into 1980s personal computers left eyes Burning. Late 1980s I sold hundreds, No Thousands of anti glare screens. 1990s 8 hours a day of Data Entry made eyes AFIRE till I put on Anlt Glare (Matt Screen). My 3 10 year old PB5300 powerbooks have NEVER worn off the “Coating” in Hundreds and 10 years of cleanings. My Atari Computers & Powerbook G4 and iMAC G5 have not worn off in hunderds of cleanings. Tell the Children that LOVE The “Glossy” screens to Grow up and work 8 to 10 hour days in an office before they say the LOVE The Reflective GLOSSY Screens. Steve Jobs is Still a Kid in my Books.
Must be close to 100,000 hours of CRT & LED screen usage.
Paul In Honolulu


Imagine Engine

Non-gloss displays benefit Artists, broadcast/film editors and compositors. Those are the people that bring in large sums of cash to Apple, not the average gamer or joe/jane user. So why not offer a 17" HD non-gloss display option for the ones doing actual work on the MBP? Where's the Blu-Ray RW DVD drive capable of storing 32 GB of HD media on a single disk? What about offering an upgraded Intel Quad 64-bit mobile CPU? What about offering real graphics processing power such as SLI NVIDIA Geforce or Quadro GPU so as to be useful for apps such as Maya, Mental Ray, Final Cut Studio, etc? I would love for MacLife to ask these questions to Apple to see what their response is and post this online for all MacLife readers.

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