Apple Tablet: A Deep Dive Look Into the Likely Tech Inside



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That model you guys made would defiantly get me to buy it. It should have good disk space and battery too and it should be perfect



I personally would like to see this mature but, with a slide out keyboard much like my Nokia Surge has, okay so give it a "touch screen" as well but, for it to be really worthwhile, it needs to have a real keyboard. Most likely it's going to include a SD card reader, and I look for bluetooth to be included in it and mini USB/Firewire 800 for connectivity/recharging it's batteries, not to mention Mini Display Port. A 120GB+ SSD drive option could be included as well. I agree with 720p resolution, anything less wouldn't be Apple like. What good would it be to have an Apple tablet that can't watch HD resolutions?!? I really wouldn't be surprised to find a full version of OSX 10.6 on it as well, instead of a stripped down "iPhone OS" on it. Wi-Fi b/g/n would be a must have as well as the ability to use it on a 3G network. (4G is too young yet for Steve to jump on it's bandwagon yet...) Okay maybe the iSight/iMic on it as well to one-up the competition with the ability to use it as a phone as well that has iPhone/iTouch's iStore built in and aTV's ability to download HD Movies for viewing/storing on it. Most likely it will use Intel's Atom processor and nVidia's 9500 mobile graphics chips as well, with a battery life of about 8-10 hours, reduced to 1.5 hours if using GPS and/or watching videos.



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I can't wait to use this for school. The hand writing will be useful during class.



If I was to buy one I would like an OS that is more like 10.5 soon .6 rather than an OS like the one used on the iphone. I would use it for working and school, quick and easy unit to hand write notes, transfer them my main computer to store. Also I would like it so I can have a program like Corel Painter so I can draw on the run as well



Wouldn't it be cool if the iTablet had a foldable screen so you could use it in a flat configuration as shown in the images, but also fold into a faux netbook with a keyboard on one end and the rotated display on the other? Then we could also close up the iTablet to protect the display when we aren't using it. Here's a link to a Samsung folding OLED screen:


Cion Monge

i would buy one



"Apple already owns the market for notebooks costing more than $1,000".

I find this highly unlikely. Maybe more than $3,000.



...and the battery will last how long? ...and can I exchange a fresh battery when needed?



There is a typo right before the pic of the tablet. "All rumors point to a 9- to 10-inch screen, which seems perfectly vreasonable."

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