Apple's Mystery Transition: Change We Can Believe In



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It amuses me to see the comments above actually naming technologies and concepts that Apple "will" or "should" transition to (esp the blah above about cores, power consumption, etc).


Nobody saw the iPod coming. Nobody saw the Intel switch coming. Nobody saw the NeXT buyout coming. Nobody saw the Mac itself coming. You will not see the next big one coming.


By all means speculate, but just be aware that no matter what you come up with, you're already wrong.



I believe that the next major transition for Apple and Steve Jobs will be his wardrobe. Maybe for something more 21st century! No but seriously, we all know that the release of the iPhone will engender some breaking new technology also incorporating their present technology (and obviously make it better). But if they want to continue making majors steps in this world of technology, they will have to start doing their own chip-set. As MacRumors has stated, Apple will not take the full new Intel Nehalem chipset (which includes the new industry standard wireless internet connection (WiMax) and GPU). So that means they will probably either work hand-in-hand with Intel to develop an Apple exclusive chipset or Apple will be starting to make their own ones. This would mean 110% compatibility and performance enhancement. And since the new Mac OS X.6 will be tailor made for multi-core CPUs and GPUs, it would only make sense for Apple to make such a transition. Also, about the new rumors about the Apple tablet and the sub-computers, etc... Apple is the only software/hardware company able to do such a thing with an amazing success. The only things they are waiting for to release such an innovative gadget is probably their new OS due for 2009. In theory, this OS will enable you current computer to be faster without changing anything for the OS by only enabling the GPU to help in normal CPU tasks, therefore reducing the power consumption and DRAMATICALLY boots processing performances. So by waiting for this dramatic technology to be developed, Apple with then release their ultra-portable slash ultra-powerful slash ultra-anything you can think of Apple does today and make it outperform anything out there without having to scale their package to fit more stuff. You know, the reason why the Windows based computers are as fast on paper as Apple computers, but they really are not fast when you work with them, is because of the OS' architecture. You can put as much firepower as you want under the bonnet of you computer, but if you don't have the OS to support all of it (or efficiently support it), it is a lost of power and efficiency. Hence the very poor, not so small and innovative wanna be ultra-portable, fast, cheap computers. Just Imagine this. In less than one year, you will have an iMac, Mac Pro, MacBook, MacBook Pro, Air, tablet, iphone, ipod (and whatever they will come out with) that will run twice as fast and efficiently than what we have now with OS X.5 just because of a few lines of code more. And to quote Steve Jobs : "Isn't that amazing huh?"



What about a transition to Blu-Ray drives across entire line? - Pros, iMacs, Macbooks, and MacMini. Hmm... why not just transition both the AppleTV and MacMini products into a single digital hub capable of playing Blu-Ray movies to your HDTV (and streaming it to your MacBook Air), renting/purchasing movies/music/apps from iTunes, YouTubing, catching up on MobileMe email, and play any video game written for PC/MAC via the touchscreen game controller/remote with built-in accelerometers - i.e., the iPhone/iPod touch? Yeah, that's the ticket!! and we'll call it the "iDream On"!


Michael Simon

That's not a bad guess. I mean, that certainly would immediately affect Apple's bottom line.



The transition is that steve jobs is going to retire and leave apple so the transition must start to other people.

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