A Brief History of Mac System Sounds - Eep!



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Among the sounds slated for change was the Beep that became Sosumi. Reekes had wanted to name it “Chimes,” which was apparently too musical for legal comfort, auto insurance quotes , buy marlboro online, buy phentermine, free insurance quotes so in a fit of pique brought on by long hours and too many last minute changes he suggested it be called “Let It Beep.” When that suggestion was taken seriously he responded “So sue me!” He then had an aha moment, changed the spelling to “Sosumi,” and it’s been a happy little inside (albeit widely known) joke for decades.



Susan Kare who also designed many the Mac’s early user interface elements. Dogcow was originally a dingbat for the Cairo font, later the image was used as an icon in the printer page setup dialog box. buy phentermine online, buy adipex online, buy meridia online, buy ambien online, order ambien online, buy valium online, order valium online, order phentermine online, buy cialis online, order cialis online, cheap viagra, Viagra pharmacy Clarus the Dogcow became wildly popular among geeks (back in the day there were t-shirts, and buttons, and bumper stickers and even a Microsoft ad featuring the Dogcow image).



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thank you for sharing.I am 广告笔.


Amy Keyishian

perhaps a closer reading of the last paragraph above will start you on your little quest, there.



That was my favorite email alert sound, and it's gone in Leopard. Anyone know where I can grab it again?



Was there really an SE/60? I remember the SE/30; the "30" was because it had a 68030 Motorola processor. I don't remember the SE ever having an 68060 processor.


Roberto Baldwin

The article should say Mac SE/30 not SE/60. It was a slip of the finger on the number pad that I should have noticed. I will hang my head in shame for the error.



Online Editor

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