CES: Invasion of the Tablets & Slates!



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This could be the only choice we have when the money changers and Telco's get done with apple and the tablet. So I am looking close to see the best features.



With exception to maybe two of the above devices, these are all pretty lame attempts. It's almost what happened after the iPhone came out. All these companies rushed to put out any piece of junk touch screen phone to compete with apple and all were way sub-par. Seems like they are doing the same thing but preemptively.
We all know Jobs wouldn't put out just any old tablet/slate like device. It has to be special and of course work as well as all apple products do.



Ho hum, it's just more of the isn't it? Most seem to be netbooks but without a keyboard or trackpad or a middling rehash of the Tablet PC concept which failed like it had cement boots.

We shall see if Apple ends up with a paradigm shifting product or just a super big iPod touch.

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