Cinderella Story Paintings Come to Life on Film



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Strictly speaking, rotoscoping isn't an animation technique-it's a post production technique applied to actual footage. Rotoscoping can be as dramatic as this, where every frame has been reworked in it's entirety, but more often is limited to effects contained within a scene. Generally animation refers to a work that was created from scratch (e.g Wall-E, Snow White and the Seven Dwarves), whereas this actually something that has been shot and then traced over; Ralph Bakshi is a good example of a popular film maker that often used this technique in his work-that's how he used to get such stunningly fluid motion in some of it-none of it was actually 'drawn' in the conventional sense, but was rather actual footage that had been traced, and by hand, in his case. In summary, any post production technique that involves reworking a portion of footage frame by frame is considered rotoscoping. Very tedious work, if you ask me. ;)

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