The Complete History of the WWDC Keynote



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Wheredat? Maybe it should have been in Monetary, Calif.? It is, of course, all about the money. WAIT! I bet the first WWDC was in Anagram, Calif. No? Maybe Anaheim? Quick, Mabel! Fire up the proofreader!



...but Mac OS 8 (the latest iteration of Copland)...

Incorrect. Copland never shipped in any form. Mac OS 8 was another iteration of the System 7 code base. The UI was jazzed up and turned more 3D, some of which was borrowed from Copland, but it was by no stretch Copland.


Michael Simon

I understand your point, but Mac OS 8 was code-named Copland, after they had already demonstrated pieces of the Copland project. So, yes, it wasn't Copland, but it was called Copland. Confused? Me, too.

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