Control Your Mac from the Couch



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The best app for this feature is Remote Buddy (, free to try, full $25). Control all apps, access webcam, use iPhone as trackpad and even connect
'other' remotes to your Mac!!! Well worth it!



I use a Mac Mini as a "media center" so it's permanently connected to my TV. I use both Air Mouse Pro ($2.99) and Snatch ($3.99) to control the Mac with my iPhone. These don't show you the screen (I can see the TV), they just let you use the iPhone as a mouse, keyboard or customized remote control. Air Mouse is the clear winner for general mousing and typing, but I got Snatch as well for its ability to create custom remote screens, particularly the one which is designed for controlling Plex.



I suggest getting Jaadu VNC app for the iPhone.

It's way better than Mocha, and it has great app support on their website.

Even an app to automatically setup your computer and router for you with the right settings.




What port do I use it's telling me it can't connect to port 5900

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