Decisions, Decisions - Do You Really Need an iPhone 3G?



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"If you don’t quite make the cut, you can still get an iPhone 3G, but you’ll have to pay an additional $200 for the privilege."

I'd be interested in knowing where your $200 figure came from. I guess that's just an example? With my credit, I'd LOVE to pay only $200...

I went to AT&T, and they asked for a $750.00 deposit because of my credit. I accept my credit is trashed, but I don't see ANY credit score justifying a $750 premium. I also don't understand, that when we talked about a different phone, the deposit dropped to $175 with a plan that was $15 MORE a month than the iPhone plan!

I was not offered any "contract-free" option, but maybe I should inquire about that.

Or maybe I should just accept that AT&T has taken into their own hands, (or more accurately, Apple PLACED in those hands), the ability to decide who is and who is not "worthy" of purchasing and using APPLE'S product.

Newest Status Symbol: THE AT&T iPHONE!!!



I have to tell you that I own the original iPhone since August 2007 and I can say that this is the best phone ever. When the new one was announced I though "I have to have it". But whats the difference between these two? Other than the 3G, which not always work and you have to switch to 2G (EDGE), and the GPS feature, which you can get from google maps or yahoo maps, EVERYTHING IS THE SAME (once you get to download the 2.0.2 update). So after a lot of reading and some research Ive decided to stick with the original.


Roberto Baldwin

that image is pretty rad.

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