Drawing-Based iPad Note Takers Compared



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When I am young,I drew a lot and waste a lot of papers. Since iPad is popular with its drawing capabilities, I find it's so great to draw on an iPad. Draw a picture on iPad and share with your friends sounds good, I am right now fascinated by this drawing app for iPad, have a try and learn how to use this app:http://www.wondershare.com/mobile/reviews/how-to-draw-on-ipad.html



I've been using CourseNotes which let's you type, draw and export notes. What I like most about it is it's more structured layout which allows my to keep my notes organized by subject and note session. There's a video on the CourseNotes site that give a little more detail about what it can do: http://www.coursenotesapp.com. It doesn't allow you to draw notes full screen, however I think that is something that they are working on.

Thanks for putting together such a great review of all of these apps!



I appreciate your article. I'm trying to ditch my Moleskine, and hoped I could find an app that would allow me to use my iPad as, well, a Moleskine.
You saved me a bunch of time, and $20-30 as well...

I appreciate articles like these..keep up the great work!

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