Every Facebook Privacy Feature Revealed and Explained



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My Privacy Settings page does not list "Friends, Tags, and Conntectons" and only lists Profile Information not "Profile Information and Posts".



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Always Write

I believe the info about the “What your friends can share about you” section is incorrect. When I read what Facebook says under "Applications and Websites," I don't think it's talking about friends being able to "share" or re-post your links or photos or status updates, it's whether outside APPLICATIONS and WEBSITES can access that info. (True, it's ambiguous, and almost intentionally so, when FB uses the word "they." But several times it talks about what "applications can access.")

So, I don't think checking/unchecking those boxes allows/disallows friends to share your info (which you might want), I think checking those boxes means that, anytime any friend visits some random website or uses any random FB app (written by God-knows-who), that website or that random app can grab all your info: your relationship status, your religious views, your birthday, etc. Considering that most banks will use your birthdate as a "security question," I don't think allowing every website and FB app creator in the world access to it is a particularly great idea.

More info on how FB uses (abuses) your info here:

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