The Evolution of a New Apple Store



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whenever someone starts doing well, a whole group of people become extremely active and at serious unrest. There is no depth they will not sink to in order to create a negative image for that company, person or product. You have any idea how much this group suffers by every positive news it comes across about the company, person or product? (look at the ipad sales article here lately, infact a lot others too)



embiggen is not a word



If you couldn't tell, I found your remark a bit offensive and after being a MacAddict, subscriber for a very long time, I shall find a source for my leisure reading and will be terminating my subscription. Thanks guys.



I am sorry, but I don't know why you went "ballistic" over this article. Yes I understand your point about service and yes, authorized dealers are usually the best vs the apple store genius'. But I think his article overall was telling about the "experience" of an apple store, which sorry to say you won't usually get at non apple store authorized dealers.



Wow, really!? I would have thought that by being a "journalist" you would have been a bit more objective and would have simply acknowledged that there are other places to take Macs to be fixed other than Apple Stores.

Perhaps I should have prefaced the fact that I am and Authorized Service Technician, Apple user since I was 5 (Apple Classic II with 8bits of color glory) have had almost every Apple product minus the iPod HiFi, about to take the server certifications exam, own a G4 cube and use it as a Art piece on my mantle above my fireplace, work for an Apple Specialist. The store at which I am employed, NOT AN APPLE STORE, I work among service technicians who have been doing their jobs LONG before there was ever even the idea of and Apple Store, and 2 of which who have their Server Certs (Something that I have yet to find any of my friends who work at the Apple Stores near I live, 2 of them, even beginning to consider getting.), Another coworker has about 12-15 years of programing experience, was a former Apple employee, and occasionally is called up by one of the local Apple stores to help trouble shoot Apple Scripts they use.

The business which I work for thrives on service because of our "expertise" and often having to fix things that Apple either didn't know how to do or tried to fix and just made it worse. Prime example; local cinematographer's MacPro that had a bad logic board yet Apple told him buy a new one because they couldn't figure it out after 4 days and it was 2 months outside of warranty. I personally have fixed customer's machines because the Genius at an Apple Store didn't have any experience working on MacPro's, didn't understand how to use professional video editing equipment, or knew nothing about machines that were older than 3 years.

Now don't get me wrong, the Apple Stores are fine and dandy. I enjoy an over night camp out for launch day just as much as any other Apple nut out there. But, here in my neck of the woods, Apple Specialist stores are just as capable and have just as much "expertise" as any of the three Apple Stores in my home state.



Wow, you must not be a very long time Apple user which blows me away as a writter for MacLife. Although you are correct with Apple Stores being some ways away from your home in SC but, as any Apple user longer than 10 years would know about Apple Specialist stores and Authorized Service Providers. I once lived in Charlotte NC and there are quite a few of them there. People all to often think that they HAVE to go to a corporate Apple store that can often be very far away there are Authorized Service providers who may be able to fix things faster than Apple.



I have actually been a Mac user since 2004, and I do know about the Authorized Service Providers. We have one specialist store near us (called iPlace), but it just isn't quite the same as an Apple Store. While I'm sure the Authorized Service Providers could do just as good as a job, I would rather have someone at an Apple Store (or the AppleCare service center) repair my Macs and Apple gear as they can have more access to items and expertise.

There are definltely far more Apple resources near Charlotte, NC, as there are more Apple users in that area.

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