5 Names That Would Have Fared Better Than the iPad



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But of course it was to be the "iPad." One of the first movies Steve demoed on the device was Star Trek. And as every trekker knows (from the Next Gen Tech Manual), the small, portable, touch screen, display/control devices piled on Captain Picard's desk were PADDs: Personal Electronic Display Devices. I kinda like that Apple's device is an expansive 10" by 8", while the PADD was (will be) a tidy 6" by 4". The PADD runs for 16 hours on its sarium power loop, but thanks to induction charging should never go dark. The iPad runs only for 10 hours but that isn't too shabby for this century. As soon as Steve adds voice control, a 4.3 kiloquad isolinear memory chip, and subspace transceiver assembly, we'll be nearly there. Engage!  Maybe the next model will be built from transparent aluminum.



I still wish they would have gone after the name PADD (a la STAR TREK). I know it's copyrighted, but so was "Mighty Mouse", "OS 9", and even "iPhone".

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