Forget Antennagate--"Brightnessgate" is the New Happening Drama of Smartphones



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I always thought the auto-brightness wasn't working on my iPhone, but maybe it's not just my phone. It doesn't bother me a whole lot, but I'd appreciate it if it worked better.

In the mean time I like that the jailbreak app "SBSettings" provides quick access to the brightness control from anywhere.


I mean really....

Such energy is wasted (pun fully intended) on REALLY, REALLY stupid stuff, such as this.

The next article that will come out is that some idiot will invent some kind of minute power drain - post up a nonsensical pie chart - and call the downloading of apps the culprit.

Then wi-fi.
Then turning on 3G.

For "antennagate", we all begged Steve Jobs for free bumpers. We got them.
Perhaps you would like a genius to replace the gorgeous, retina display?

Go burn.

People - go focus on something productive, and stop wasting reader's time.



The brightness doesn't matter to some, nor the music quality, or phone quality, color, look, feel, apps, storage, sturdiness, or accessories.

But this is an Apple product, where small details matter. I've had the problem of the screen so bright in darkness it was unbearable until my eyes adjusted, and so dim in daylight that I had to lock and unlock to reset the brightness.

Is this a big deal? Not to me. But it is something that Apple could look at to make a great piece of technology even better.

And BTW, it seemed a nicely written article.



there is just NO END to the bullshit people will bitch about is there? "it's too bright." "it's not bright enough." "it stops working when my humongous bear paw wraps around it."

stfu! it's a goddamn phone!



Who cares.

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