Free App Fridays: Go Outside!



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Scion of Tytehran

Did a trip to NYC recently and having the iPad 3G+Wi-Fi was indispensable. It gave information about the weather, GPS directions, text messaging from car to car to our travel companions while on the road, nearby restaurants and movies, etc. Most of the information gleaned from our iPad came from apps which are built-in, free or low-cost.

In the hotel room it provided entertainment in the form of books, music and movies and even food by ordering a Domino's pizza online. We could've extended our stay while errr, 'in the bathroom' using the hotel's website!

Think about all the different devices and services and the costs associated with them one would need to replicate all of this. Factor in the possible aggravation of having to learn how to use all that hardware and the bulk of carrying it all around with you then compare that with the cost of the iPad 3G and the lowest cost 3G service option.

What you get is one simple to use device that likely would cost less without all the hassles and frustrations. For all those who say the iPad is too pricey and isn't all that useful beyond simple media consumption, think again about the other real-world applications and other devices that it can replace or would never even need to be purchased.

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