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I can't believe how many baseball players have been caught using anabolic steroids and more so all the media attention it gets how about football players? I work out and take my son to baseball games and now i need to explain what it is they did wrong.



HiI just wanted to say how cool it is to find your kind words about my podcasts. It is even neater when I tell you that I never owned a Mac until I decided to do the Chill work - I bought one about 15 months ago, and then I made the demo which lead to me getting the Chill work which I wrote and recorded with my beloved MacBook.So a big thank you to all who listened because that series became the World's Number One Health download last year - over 155,000 downloads now and still going strong! And I am just about to release 5 audio books on the same theme - guiding listeners on journeys and they too, will be available for a modest sum on iTunes and from Audible,  by the end of January 2009.  it's lovely to be able to connect with you.Debs

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