This Halloween, Let Your Mac Get Metaphysical

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This Halloween, Let Your Mac Get Metaphysical

Halloween, originally a Celtic harvest festival celebrated at the time when the boundaries between the dead and the living were thought to dissolve, is upon us once again. So is the time for stirring the caldron, lighting the candles, and seeking wisdom from the metaphysical world. To help you in that endeavor, we delve into the mystical realm of the occult to present the hi-tech avenues for the lo-tech and age-old art of fortune-telling. In these uncertain times, why not let your Mac tell you what is in store?

Joe’s wheel of fortune, as determined by the stars.


Western astrology, which has been traced back to the ancient Babylonians and thought to have been practiced as early as the third millennium BC, is the study of the interaction between the celestial bodies and how they influence earthly events. Astrologers interpret this earthly imprint of celestial occurrences at the moment you were born, from which they can glean your character, temperament, and aspects of your destiny. They do this by charting your horoscope on a wheel that depicts where the planets were at the time of your birth, which house they were in, and the geometric aspects between the planets. Each planet, house, and aspect has particular meaning, and each is influenced be the other, making the art of astrology exceedingly complicated, and one that goes far beyond the daily horoscope found in the newspaper.

There is Mac-friendly software available at Times Cycle Research ($195 to $395), which will create innumerable charts for you and provide in-depth interpretation. You can also get free charts done at Astrolabe, but, aside from the chart, the interpretation provided is only the planets in their signs. If you want to glean your true self and understand all the nuances of the planets, houses, aspects, nodes, mid-heaven, and so on, you must pay $25 per chart. And, be aware, many of the “free” astrology charts are really bait-and-switch sites; you plug in your information with the promise of a free reading, but then you have to purchase it or an item from one of their sponsors to actually acquire your chart.

Let the cards be your guide.

In uncertain times, many have turned to divination to gain insights into what the future will bring. Cartomancy, or the art of divining the future by interpreting cards, has been prevalent in Western Europe since the 14th century, and some believe it has been practiced as far back as ancient Egypt. The origin of tarot cards can be safely traced back to Italy in the 15th century. The Tarot has four suits of minor arcana (meaning secrets), representing the elements fire, air, earth, and water, and each suit has 10 cards, as well as court cards, which can either represent people, situations, or aspects within the querent. There are also 22 major arcana, or major secrets, which represent different stages along the path of the Tree of Life and are considered the big guns in your reading. The cards are laid out in traditional spreads, designed to answer past, present, and future concerns. And, lucky for you, divination through cards has been extended to the Mac. MacTarot ($25/year) offers a subscription to its services through which you can address your burning questions--before you pull your money out of the market or pack it all in to become a ski bum in Whistler.



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