How to Survive the 17 Worst Mac Disasters



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I can consider this article a good guide for anyone who's attempting to buy a new MAC ;)

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Great collection of Mac Problems. Definitely will be beneficial in knowing mac more better.

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If you ever spill something on your keyboard and it still doesn't work even after all the components dry because the circuits oxidize, you can use an eraser to get rid of the oxidation.

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I was so excited when I finally made the move from PC to Mac. I had it a whole two weeks or so before our son knocked over a glass of sweet tea all over the keyboard. I say definitely shut it all off and take it to a specialist, as I tried to clean it out with alcohol and cotton swabs and was never able to recover it
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To simplify using the plutil utility in Terminal, select File: Save As, give the file a name (such as Check My Permissions), and pick a location. In the When Opening This File section, select Execute Command In A Shell, click on the Execute This Command (Specify Complete Path) button, and enter either of the commands in this section. Click on Save, and you've got a clickable file. In the future, simply double-click, enter your password when prompted, and press return.
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I was so excited when I finally made the move from PC to Mac. I had it a whole two weeks or so before our son knocked over a glass of sweet tea all over the keyboard. I say definitely shut it all off and take it to a specialist, as I tried to clean it out with alcohol and cotton swabs and was never able to recover it. Fat Loss 4 Idiots Diet






Really great article for any mac owner. I haven't had too many problems, but I remember searching forever before finding the answer to mine not starting up. "When you see the # command prompt, type /sbin/fsck –fy (“fsck” is a file system consistency check utility) and hit Return. " Every mac owner should write this down and keep it in a safe place.Toronto Real Estate Listings


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Are you serious? I used a pc for many years and finally took the advice of my friend and got a mac. I haven't had to deal with the problems above since I got it... and hope I never have to. Much better than my PC was. driver detective review



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I've never had a Mac, but I thought they weren't supposed to make you suffer through these kind of headaches. discount diamond engagement rings



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Macs are pretty reliable computers, but that doesn’t mean 
they’re not vulnerable to user error, accidents, and, in some cases, just plain stupidity. inchirieri auto



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Great article! I just love Mac´s




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How do I fix safari - keeps quitting on me?



I have had this problem several times when using my macbook. I had read the apple manual and it had said to remove the battery (and power cord) from the computer and hold the power button for 10 seconds. My MacBook worked right after that.



I'm trying to get Mac OS X Leopard to run on my iBook. It's a G4, but it "malingered on the startup screen for an hour or so with no apparent intention of booting up," and I took their advice an ran the system check or whatever it was. The C key had no effect however. Is it possible? Please say yes Please say yes Please say yes...



Hey, in Disaster 2 it says "when your Mac has malingered on the startup screen...."

"Malinger" means to fib or fake. I think you mean "linger". In my health profession we refer to patients who fake an illness as "malingerers".



A dying hard drive can easily be fixed by using SpinRite from Unfortunately you have to remove the drive and mount it in a PC, because SpinRite uses PC BIOS interrupts. Buy a USB shell or mount the drive directly into your PC.

SpinRite isn't guaranteed to fix the drive, but it makes a huge difference in extending the lifetime of a dying drive and recovering a dead one.

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Man, the pictures that come with this article are really, really, REALLY, freaky.



the stuck dvd/cd to me is extremely scarey. the first time i absolutely freaked. the machine wouldn't start and the disk just ground away. luckily i could access help on my linux box and learn how to do the cardboard trick. after i got it out then i learned about leaving the thing on for 15-20 mins until it gets tired of not being able to boot and the disk spits out.

both of my experiences with this were with DVD-RW's. guess my machine doesn't like to rewrite. needless to say i don't feed it any more rewritable disks.



Ii has the same exact thing happen to me it was with an iMac G5 and it only does it with Dual-Layer DVDs it wont mount them. The super Drive makes some squaking noises and trys to spin then makes clanging sounds. Then it will try to spit it out and it cant os i hade take apart the machine and take out the hard drive and start it up again and shake it with the super drive facing down and i t finaly came out.



My experience involved the bundled blank dvds you buy stacked on a tray with a stick. There was a clear plastic dummy disc at the top to protect the real discs. Without looking I put it in the slot of my Powerbook and the rest is history. It didn't mount properly, it started to spin up and down and smell. I had to send it in for repair right away. When I got it back they said they couldn't salvage the superdrive but they removed the disk and the computer still worked. They gave me back the blackened piece of plastic. The ordeal cost 500$. To my suprise it could still read dvds, but it was unable to write anything (couldn't spin up properly). After a few years though, the whole thing started working again. Technology is very strange.

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