iBook Therefore I Am - The iPad vs. the Kindle and the Nook



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you come on:) first of all apple sales person will tell you that the battery is only meant to last a couple of years-(oh you can pay the 90 bucks for battery replacement) but it is for only 2 years. after that you are doomed-no more replacement. The rep said that they designed it to run out so people buy a new toy, like trading in phones- well after 2 years I get to trade in my phone for a new one free- so it is not like getting a new phone, it is like shelling out another 800 bucks for a new Ipad. Oh, you can try to replace the battery your self, he- he, if you don't destroy the Ipad in doing so. Watch you tube for the instructions on taking out the battery! reminds me of when my dad taught me to change out the glass tubes in our television-good luck in not ruining a 600 dollar book reader. also, i back up my books on my computer with kindle. Kindle is always looking for ways to improve its device, and I love the new DX. Ipad is just a very expensive new toy, but for book lovers we want simplicity-now if you have time to sit at barnes and noble all day-the benefit to getting a nook is reading free at barnes and nobles, but they don't have the access to the books like the kindle. also, ps, the Ipad doesn't have as many books to access either. (and ps. no monthly charge for the wifi on the kindle) book lovers love their kindle, and sure I would bet against Steve anyday. He needs to concentrated on his high end computer domain. It's just like Itunes with Ipod. I have had a Zune for over a year. And I love it also. I agree with the system manager, Itunes is a freaky waste of their time.



As and IT manager at a public university who has to support IPads, ITouches and IPhones for faculty and staff I can think of one reason to choose a reader, any reader, over an IPad; they don't require you to install Apple's ITunes malware. These Apple products represent less than 10% of the equipment we are required to support and about 70% of our support hours almost all related to ITunes problems. Some have been quite expensive to resolve like the need to replace webcams name brand, high end webcams used for web conferencing because of compatibility issues with ITunes. The problems with ITunes have become so pervasive and time consuming and work that I won't even allow the program on my home computers anymore and when friends and family ask for equipment recommendations I tell them first off that I will not support any Apple products in my personal time.



Here you say "iBooks supports the open ePub format, unlike Amazon’s Kindle which uses a proprietary format. iBooks supports the open ePub format, unlike Amazon’s Kindle which uses a proprietary format."
And yet here you say "But other e-book readers use the same ePub format, so that doesn’t give Apple a big edge." As most of your article compares iPad to the established Kindle, that sentence is misleading. Many people do want open formats to prevent themselves being locked-in to a device that may be superseded in future - whether its the iPad or something else. Open format is an edge.



So, you're betting against Steve? Hmm. Good luck with that.

You could have saved yourself some time and just reprinted the objections of people who didn't get the iPod and the iPhone and the iMac.



Lets not forget that if you want a larger screen, Amazons Kindle DX is still about $500. So if we wan't to compare real estate, the iPad offers A LOT more at the same price-point over the Kindle DX. I was actually thinking about purchasing the DX if they announced the iPad was the believed $1000, but for the same price? APPLE FTW



If you are banking on those 6 million new people to buy a reading device this year, why would I spend $259 on a device that only reads books. Why not spend $499 and get it all? Im with the iPad.

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