Infographic: iPhone Data Plans Exposed



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You can use the DataMan app to monitor your data use in real time. This useful app monitors your cellular and Wi-Fi data usage in the background, keeping a log of your activities. What's more, it geotags your data activities. To help manage your data consumption, you'll receive real-time alerts when you exceed your usage thresholds. There are 4 levels of alert thresholds that you can customize to your needs to prevent additional charges to your bill. You can find DataMan in the App Store.



Ah geez, too much! It seems again that even when a company does what they've always done, things like analysis of actual usage, vs plan structures, when you don't quite know what folks will use, you wing it. Later on you tweak it. I consider myself a heavy user, and could NEVER get close to the 2gigs. The wife never got to the 200! So relax, have another mocha, be happy somebodys paying attention!



I spoke to a rep from at&t at Best Buy who said it was to cut down on tower usage and allow others to have a good experience on the network then goes on to try and change the way it cam out. I went to the EVO 4G and haven't looked back. However I do want the New iPhone but am going to wait and buy it unlocked for T-Mobile. I understand I was grandfathered in to the unlimited data. But I am tired of dishing out 130.00, before it was 160.00 dollars a month for crap service. I was with them since the first iPhone you do the math. I could have bought a Hyundai. For the record I am a die hard Apple Cult So the comment above about downloading or listening to Pandora, I would like to point out with that, that the iPhone is a DATA EXTENSIVE device. Who is not going to be tempted when having that phone? If worried about going over you might want to grab one of the smart phone look a likes. lol Sprint is 79.99 - my 10% from my Credit Union, and I get everything. I do not mind dropping calls now. But have to say I have a great service and customer service experience. To whatever you decide good luck...Have a great day guys



It almost seems like AT&T is trying to protect itself from the sheer amount of data that this new phone is going to introduce into the network. Imagine the amount of HD video that all these little rich kids are going to be sending around to their friends. Imagine the amount of data overage Daddy's gonna be paying. And Daddy's just going to pay it without question, 'cause it keeps the little Princess happy.

Problem is that there are enough "Haves" in the world with that attitude of "I'll pay whatever you ask, as long as I have my toy" that AT&T has no reason to make it affordable to the masses. Both AT&T and Apple are making more money off the "Haves" by keeping the iPhone as a status symbol, than they would by including everyone and making it more affordable. Why not let the human race, as a whole, enjoy the evolution that is the iPhone? Greed. Good old american greed.



i just created an account i will never use again only to respond to this comment in saying it is absolutely spot on. welcome to a country run by corporations whose profits are defined by these exact 'strategies'. i placed an order for the evo over a week ago, and still have no clue when it will actually be shipped, so i have looked into the iphone only to discover that atnt and apple have done nothing more than officially target the portion of the population who can and will swallow the additional costs of data cap usages. fortunately for them, the extra cash handed over by the 'haves' will more than make up for any potential plan droppers. unfortunately for me, i now dont want to get the only phone out there rivaling the evo for fear of going over the data limit. Business as usual for atnt...back to square one for the middle class consumer (me)


Jedi Tora

I guess it all depends on a person's point of view. If you want something bad enough (in this case, Apple's iPhone), you will pay anything to get the maximum potential/use out of it.

My fiancee and I will be moving to California by the end of this year (hopefully, barring any unforeseen major expenses). I've wanted the iPhone since it came out. However, the plans were a freaking joke and so was the cost for all the things Apple DIDN'T do with the iPhone to make it really set the bar for smartphones. Now the iPhone 4 is coming out (in July here in Canada) and all the major cellular providers carry it. I just hope that since the iPhone 4 can use the UMTS/HSDPA/HSUPA as well as GSM and EDGE that Apple will expand their market potential like they did in Canada. Once their contract was up with Rogers, they allowed Bell, Fido and Telus to also offer the iPhone with their own competitive plans and most started offering No Contract deals. The one thing that irked Rogers and Bell was that charging for tethering became illegal nationwide. LOL

So, if we have to go with AT&T just to get our iPhone 4s and pony up the monthly cash, so be it. But again, I hope Apple isn't stupid and allows companies like Time Warner, Verizon, etc... to offer the iPhone 4 as well.



All: This is a way to fleece the public. Please don't forget that Apple is in This also. They are loosing there squeaky clean appearance faster than BP!!! I was a apple love child until this bait and switch scheme apple and at&t cooked up with the iPad. I ordered 2 one with wi-fi and one 3G i canceled the 3G one and would not have purchased the other one if I knew Apple was completely in bed with at&t.

They are throwing you all onto WI-FI and guess what Charter,Comcast are sharping the guillotine to get you next. They are arranging a nice data cap also!!! Its follow the leader in there world.

This will not stop I had hopes the FCC would change this but even there pockets are bulging. The only change we have got with this administration is in our pockets!!



The only reason big companies like AT&T, Comcast, TW and the like have the ability to scam the consumer, is because we like it. We buy their products, addict ourselves to their data pipelines, then complain when the crack dealer squeezes us by our private parts. Our economy is 70% consumer consumption, yet we have the weakest consumer protections in the world.

But then again, we don't want the government in our lives, so suck it up and pay the bil



Anyone ever hear of WIFI? The numbers above are only valid for people that spend 100% of their time accessing data ONLY from 3G. WIFI is EVERYWHERE these days, there's no reason not to use it.



Since the big red V and the Blue Deathstar tend to copy each other, it's only a matter of time before Verizon follows suit and changes their plans. Amazing when Sprint has the best plans.



"For fun, why not try to count all the tiny iPhones in the Foursquare graph."

Yeah - that sounds like fun!



This is great! So if I went out and got an iPhone, I'd be able to do any of these things for ONLY $25 a month!

But what if I want to do more than one of these things?

By my best guess, if I stream music from Pandora for ONE LISTENING SESSION, download ONE ALBUM from iTunes, and have a Facebook account, I'm already over the limit. Or so dangerously close that I have to worry every day if I've gone too far.

AT&T are idiots. No, scratch that, they're clever, greedy asshats who think of their customer base as some kind of unending piggy bank that they can smash open with new fees whenever their profits are slightly below expectations. Shameful.

I wonder what the Wepad will be worth for a 3g account? :P



What about people who live stream with the Qik and Ustream apps?



ADD PANDORA- Head explodes. :-O



Looking at this I can't help but laugh. I couldn't be any happier about switching to Verizon with the Palm Pre Plus.

Not only does my phone have unlimited data... but I get 5 gig of wifi tethering... which, btw, I am using right now to post this via my macbook pro.

The point isn't wether or not you need it...

The point is the horrid overcharge bill you'll have for the one time you did need it.



just an fyi verizon has limited their plans too. the only carriers offering unlimited right now are tmobile and sprint. one has massive issues with outages and general coverage and the other has the shittiest cc on the planet. and are you honestly attempting to compare a palm pre to an iphone... really? thats almost like comparing a beat up escort to a freakin charger.
ive got an iphone and im loving life on it too.



You do realize that iPhone users still have unlimited data. Also really? You couldn't be happier about being stuck on a dead platform?



Dead platform as in? The Palm Pre? Palm has been supposedly dead for years, but alas, they're still making product. They also have a huge fan base, I'm not a fan, but they're phones are good for what they do and for a certain segment of the population. Actually, it's not a bad little phone, I mean it can do stuff the iPhone can't, like make calls... and stuck? Really? You do know they can always buy another phone, what's that have to do with the network? Typical Apple fanboy response, how about actually discussing the issue? I mean I know it's a hard concept but the discussion is about the data plan, not a phone. The iPhone has alot of flaws and alot of cool features, but it's not the topic of the article or the comment your trolling. The iPad will be subject to the same data restrictions after all. Also, all iPhone users do not have unlimited, as it's unavailable for anyone buying one under the new price plans. Unlimited plans are grandfathered in and are unavailable if you want tethering.

More acutely, the argument should be if hardly anyone ever hits the Unlimited caps, then why are they so proud of getting rid of it? They could have just added the lower data rate tiers and left people the option, but they didn't. Why? To screw the new subscribers who will probably hit the wall. People don't 'fix' things that aren't broken. If the unlimited was never being hit then why eliminate it? As the saying goes there are lies, damned lies, and then statistics.

P.S.: It's easy for alot of people to not hit a data cap when they have no reception and can't get service. I have something that does that it's called an iPod Touch.

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