iOS Game Time: Sports Edition! - August 11, 2010



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Mandude, serious? You write about all these pads and gadges and doodats and I am trying to concentrate and I am thinking "bro" and I am thinking "I gotta play this madden game and shits but HOW AM I? HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO, when I remember that this same man, this same VAGRUS character said so many bad and angry things about Dave and Jack and John and other musical geeiouses. I ONLY PLAY VIDEOS WHEN I LISTEN TO CRASHHINTOME. or brushfire fairytales. AND I AM RECIEVEING MIXED MESSAGES IN MY BRANE!



DMB is awesome. Jumpy horses are not



so i refuse to read what you have to say about jumpy horse until you admit that ants marching is the best song ever written.

-Your worst nightmare.

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