The iPad vs. The ModBook: Which Should You Get?



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I am so torn, but I think I'm going to go with the iPad... but the 2nd model, since it has a few more upgrades, like the gyroscope and camera. I have my Macbook Pro, but I could only see myself getting a Modbook if A) I had lots of money (which I don't), and B) if I were a serious artist. I love art, and I love to sketch, but it's so expensive.

What I love about the iPad is that not only do you get the tons of apps (and more are coming out custom to only the iPad, and iWork is pretty amazing, too), but it's MADE as a touch screen. The layout is very convenient to be done by fingers, as Mac really knows how to do. Using a ModBook that is NOT made as a multitouch forces me to really just use a pen as a mouse, with the only advantage is that it puts the tablet on the screen.

For the price of Modding my Macbook, I could buy a new iPad (with expandable apps, also because I have a daughter, I could download apps for her to learn her alphabet and such... you can't do that on a Modbook), and spend some money on a good Wacom tablet. SURE it's not as amazing as drawing on a screen as you see what you draw, but for the few serious sketches and drawings I do, I will go that route. And for simple doodling, I'll make myself a pen for the iPad (see youtube!) and use that!



The iPad? I think not. it will run a paired down iWork suite? Give me the ModBook at $999, and that would get me excited. I don't need an oversized iPod touch, and get charged for coverage or data plans. As I said in an earlier post, I love Apple, but they tend to underwhelm every event. Do something really spectacular for a change.

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