Ditch Safari - Install a Faster Browser on Your iPhone



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Brilliant article! Your topic gives me a good advice.



I used to use Mercury until this article made me want to try out a new browser and ended up switching to Atomic Web. So far I love it.

If I'm going to buy an app, it has to run well, have lots of customizable features and MOST IMPORTANTLY (to me anyway) has to look nice.

I didn't even try iCab because of it's icon.

BTW When is somebody going to make a browser that looks like iPad's Safari?



Great review - Safari is a great browser but competition is good for everyone.

Here are Mac Life's selections of the best alternative iPhone browsers for Safari (http://bit.ly/iphone-browsers), which you can share with friends or embed on your blog. Created with the AppsFire Widget Maker (http://appsfire.com/widgetmaker.php).




Your graph for the Page Load Times does not match the data being presented below. The graph shows Opera opens a page in about 3 seconds, while Safari takes over 12.  However, in the data being presented below the graph, it states all pages load in about 12 seconds.  Please fix this discrepancy.

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