Breaking the Law? The Pros and Cons of Jailbreaking



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I can't make a backup on in JailBreak 3Gs with itunes 9.1 and I want to be able to put music on and off without deleting any time, any where! … is this possible with JailBreak?
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I haven't felt the need to "hack" into things in a very long time. I did it when I was younger just for the fun of it, to make devices do things that they weren't supposed to. But with the iPhone, I feel jailbreak is necessary.

There are basic necessities that are seriously lacking on the iPhone. Notifications of missed calls/emails/texts/voicemail in the status bar is one. Periodic audible reminders that you missed a call is another.

Having a home screen that can display useful information, such as upcoming appointments or the weather is yet another.

Then there's CallMe, which allows you to create one-click icons on the home screen that calls your loved ones. There are similar apps in the app store, but 1) they don't let you use a photo as your icon, 2) there's a limit of 1 number per app (if you want 4 speed dials, you'll have to buy 4 apps). CallMe lets you have unlimited speed dial icons, and the app is free.

Then there's the customization. Considering how Apple is all about creativity, the iPhone sure doesn't let you get creative. In addition to being able to skin and theme your iPhone, there are apps that let you use your own custom sounds for things like new voicemail notifications when you jailbreak your phone.

And then there are some killer apps... My favorite jailbroken app is iBlacklist, which lets you block unwanted phone calls from a blacklist you define. Perfect for getting rid of telemarketers.

I really hate having to jailbreak my phone. It's an annoyance that I don't want to have to deal with every time there's a firmware update. But until Apple either implements some of these features or open up development more so jailbroken apps can appear in the legit iTunes App Store, I will have to keep jailbreaking my iPhone.

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