Load Up Your New iPad with E-Books -- Without Going to the iBookstore



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IF you have a document with a lot of graphics in it, epub is a disaster. The graphics will not come out where you wish them to be. IN the book I wished to publish, there are many pictures that must be next to the descriptive text. I tried as many conversion programs as I could fins and none could make a decent conversion from either .pdf, .doc, or .rtfd formats.

Why apple chose epub as the only thing they will allow is one more example of arrogant, uncaring business decision. I have been an Apple user since the late 80s, but no more. The Apple has a huge worm in it.



Hi. Ebook newbie here. My local library rents ebooks in Adobe DRM'd format, and it says on their Overdrive site that they're not compatible with iPad. And yet I see in this article that they can be converted so as to be compatible? Who's done this successfully? The MacLife iPad Handbook seems to suggest this can eb accomplished with Goodreader. True?



You probably already know this by now, but on the slight chance you don't, check out the Bluefire app for the iPad. That is how I read my library books on the iPad.

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