Lost Weekend: The 3G iPad Buyer’s Lament



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Verizon's 3g network is top 3, and they are working on coming out with an even better 4g network this year. The fiber is being placed as we speak. So now the only question will be, is the ipad 4g compatible?



I think an "iPhone nano" + an iPad would be good combination. Not too much weight and just the functionality there were you need it.



I pre-ordered mine and got it Saturday. I love it!!!!
This doesn't really take the place of a computer, but it might take the place of a laptop, depending on what you do with it. I was really happy to see the iWork at a good price too, and it works fantastic. The graphics are beautiful. I wasn't really interested in the 3G if I want to use it on the road I'll use my iPhone to find a free WiFi. It does everything I wanted it to. really really cool!! Thanks Steve and Co. My favorite company all time!!



Im interested in the mifi route, and now the palm route, but I am not sure about Verizons network? Is it worth it? I hear its slow? Whats your take?



will enjoy "my" wi-fi version..once the 3G arrives...until then she can't get it out of my hands...can't wait until "late April"!



...is to obsess. Yup. Read the news, read reviews, and keep up on what apps you're going to buy.

And take a trip to AppShopper.com every day, checking the New and Price Changes section of iPad apps. There were a couple $4.99 titles that were Free for a day or so, and that's likely to happen again. A lot of the cheaper apps are temporarily free, too, so grab a few things on the cheap while you can.

Lastly, get some free titles ready in iBooks. Project Gutenberg, Google, etc., or export some of your existing books and documents to ePub.

And then STOP! It's too easy to keep reading the news, checking the app store, and on and on...and on and on.

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