MobileMe or MobileYours? Is 'The Cloud' About to Shower Strangers with Your Data?



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Twitter had a bit of a test run in October, during the Canadian elections. Despite a countrywide media blackout so that people in Western Canada wouldn’t be influenced by results from elsewhere in the country, people on Twitter, compare insurance quotes, buy marlboro online, buy phentermine online, cheap auto insurance including reporters who just couldn’t resist the temptation, were sharing results with the entire country hours before the polls closed out west.



As if to drive the point home, iTunes 3 added a few dozen new features, including track ratings, Sound Check for consistent volume playback, support for Audible audiobooks and Smart Playlists, which streamlined and automated the creation of digital mixes based on a series of predetermined phentermine online, buy adipex online, buy meridia online, buy ambien online, order ambien online, buy valium online, order valium online, order phentermine online, buy cialis online, order cialis online, cheap viagra, Viagra pharmacy A few other enhancements--new track tags, library consolidation, playlist importing/exporting and track joining--added to the experience and widened the gap between iTunes and every other jukebox on the market.

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