Netflix vs. Hulu Plus: Who Deserves Your $10 a Month?



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My friend and I just split the bill between the two. We live about an hour away from each other. He subscribes to Netflix. I subscribe to Hulu Plus. We swapped login information and use the accounts on either of our devices. Not sure on the device count for Hulu Plus, but Netflix allows up to 5 devices per account the last time I checked the fine print. This is more than enough for two people watching the content on a gaming console or laptop.

Think about it.



I have a PS3 and Netflix doesn't do HD or CC (closed captions). But I do like the commercial free content and the Blu-rays in the mail....I guess each have their strong points. The winner will be the new service that comes in and bring the best of both worlds.

-Current TV shows in HD with CC
-No commercials
-New releases
-Classic movies

Anyone listening?



Just tried to access varied content on Hulu using my iPad and received messages indicating the content was either not available for iPad, or I had to subscribe to Hulu Pkus to view it. Would you verify this and let readers know?




I got an Hulu Plus subscription and found very little movies and TV shows that play on the iPad. Hulu contacted me and said when they set up the service iPad was on in the plan, but they will continue to add new content. Yea, call me in 2012, it took them a year just to get Hulu Plus released




I just cut off my cable television service a month ago and cut the bill by $80 a month. Even if I subscribed to six series on iTunes in HD, I wouldn't reach that $80 fee. I had an invitation for Hulu Plus, but the $10 AND the commercials (which I LOATH) were too much to take. I'm sticking with Netflix!



Not to sound like a Luddite but if you really want to watch current network TV shows without spending for cable, satellite or a web subscription there's still good old rabbit ears. You can see the shows free and in HD quality far superior to anything available by cable or satellite HD. Plus there is a growing number of sub-channels offering unique programming that can only be seen using an antenna. If you need to time shift your favorite show, Channel Master sells an HD DVR just for broadcast television.

By using a combination of over-the-air television and a Netflix subscription I was able to cut the cord on cable nearly a year ago and go from a $110.00 monthly fee to about $10.00. My only regret was not doing it sooner.



It is no secret that Netflix is resisting bringing their service to Linux users. This is a bit confusing for me since their own streaming device runs Linux. By contrast, Hulu has no such restriction. I enjoy Hulu content from my Linux boxes quite frequently. Another point to consider when choosing a provider for this service.



Even though there's no streaming capabilities, what about RedBox kiosks in supermarkets? For $1 you can get DVD, return it by the next day, and they don't charge you anymore. Or keep it for 25 days, and the DVD is yours. Those are better for DVD players, and they are cheap.



We ditched cable back in December 2010. We've been subscribing to Netflix since then and have used their streaming service on our Wii, Playstation 3, PC and Macbook. The service works great!

I am currently signed up for Hulu Plus as well. I've been pleased with the service because I can watch current shows that are not currently on DVD. I got hooked on Bones via Netflix, but Season 5 isn't out on DVD yet. Hulu Plus has all the Season 5 episodes. The only downside to Hulu Plus, I'm paying $10 a month and still have ads.

Now that my favorite "it" show, Lost, is off the air, I'm not minding being without cable. Netflix and Hulu have been filling the holes quite nicely, plus I've been able to find shows that I never tried watching before (Dexter, Bones and 30 Rock).



December 2010?



If I already am a Netflix customer, do I have to pay the extra for streaming on iPhone/iPad?



If you're a Netflix customer, there is no extra charge.

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