Odd Jobs: Sing Out Loud with Skype



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Garageband, Skype, iPhoto... MacBook Pro 13" is my choice. Its fast and reliable, and the Mac apps are simply awesome. Skype does have some delays. I use it to keep in touch with family in UK and South Africa, and often experience delays. I have a 4MB internet access so the speed etc is fine on my side (Qatar, Middle East), UK and SA struggle a bit.



Okay I do not know why she has a delay in her Skype experience, I have chatted with people from the US to Venezuela and never had a problem with sync in Skype, after the initial startup. Also why is she not using Skype to transfer the files are they too large for Skype? It will allow her to transfer files of several GB to any Skype user, no matter their operating system.

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