OS X Updates We Might See At Back to the Mac Event



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It seems like there's a lot of negativity in this article! I always look forward to new releases of Mac OSX. But saying that they're going to get rid of many of the great things that make Mac OSX Mac OSX is like saying we're all slowly migrating to a PC world. Which isn't true since you guys just published a story about how Mac has finally grabbed over 10% of purchases. I used to be in journalism so I know that controversy makes an enticing story, but can't we just have faith that Apple will do the right thing? And perhaps it's just me, because I think moving to any iOS programs on an actual computer would be awful. Good reporting overall though, sorry to be kind of negative myself...



check your dictionary or thesaurus.

"…behind the infamous Apple logo…"
Synonyms: notorious, disreputable, ill-famed, ill-reputed, dishonorable, scandalous, shameful

I think you were looking for a synonym for famous. And the best option for this article would be "lionize".


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