Seven Hidden Features of the iPad Camera Connection Kit



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This must be back when IOS ver 4.3.3 was current.

Luckily I still use it on both 3Gs iPhone & iPad 1.

As of Aug 13, I moved to Samsung S4.



Can I use this device for just reading the contents of an SD card, like I would on a Macbook Pro or PC?



iPhone connection to iPad works, Apple keyboard with numeric pad won't. Any ideas?



I can't get the usb keyboard to work. Its even an apple keyboard. Looks like the last iOS upgrade killed this functionality.



I assume these hidden features no longer work with the new iOS upgrade. Is there any word on when they will work again?


eugene a

i tried the connector with the sd card and each time, it says not supported. i also tried the usb adaptor and also not supported. my software is always updated. What can i do ?



I also got the message "the attached device is not supported" when I first attached my memory stick. When I tried again, it worked. But my friend is having the same problem after a few tries. Why is this?



This problem appears to be caused by the lack of a DCIM folder on the SD card. To remedy this issue, simply insert your SD card into an adapter and connect it to your computer, then create a folder named DCIM at the root level of the SD card. Place any photos you’d like to transfer into this folder, then reconnect the card to the iPad using the Camera Connection Kit.



I have tried thee different brands of thumb drives and two memory cards and they do not work on my iPad. I get a message saying "The attached device is not supported". Any ideas how to fix this problem.



This is a great, however, is there an app or a way to rename picture files? I can do that on many applications on a MacBook Pro. But that requires the purchase of a new laptop and an IPad is much more affordable. Anyone have any ideas on this?


You would think that Apple/Jobs would have enough acumen to offer a connector that allowed for all memory stick devices. Not so...those of us who use Sony cameras are out of luck or at least that is what I was told at the Genius bar. I do think though for those like me, there may be a solution. The little sleeve that is used for computer slots does not work on the Ipad; however, I have ordered the more expensive USB adapter. I think that it will work by inserting the memory stick into it, plugging it into the Apple connector and the Apple connector into the iPad. I hope this is the solution. Anyone tried this?



Now if only they'd come available.



Good information... Is there a chance that any of these "hidden features" will work with a touch or an iPhone?



Unfortunately, this functionality doesn't work on either the iPod touch or the iPhone... at least not yet. One could only hope.

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