Six Mac Web Browsers: How Do They Stack Up?



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I have tried, Safari, Chrome and FF. I do like Chrome, its fast, but I prefer Safari most of the time.

I appreciate the article, but, I want to know how these browsers rank for security.
Each have had their "day in the news" with some security flaw.

Chrome, being google, spies on everything you do...(and sends that info to whoever they want)
Safari, auto complete security flaw ( I'm sure was fixed at some point)
FF, can't remember what it was, but it had a security hole somewhere...



Each browser boasts it strong suites, but Safari does it all and has a few tricks up its sleeve. I use firefox for the extensions, and Chrome for the ability to implement private browsing from the keyboard, but I use Safari the most.

If you have multiple macs, an iPad, an iPhone, or combination of the aforementioned, along with a mobile me account you can sync your bookmarks across all of these devices seamlessly, it just works. So i keep all my commonly used site (mostly online apps) in the bookmarks bar and they are in the same place, in the same order, on every device.

I recently purchased a macbook air, set it to sync with mobile me, opened safari (which takes just under two seconds on the air) and it looks and acts the same as all the instances running on my other devices. my only quarrel is you have to use the mouse and a series of clicks to implement private browsing.

I also must admit the integrated search and address bar implementation in chrome is pure genius.



I have used four Mac browsers heavily. It's been Safari, Firefox, Chrome, and iCab Trial Version.

As I'm home schooled, my obsolete schooling platform requires Firefox to interact with most of the material. They specify Firefox, but why they can't use other browsers is beyond me.

iCab Trial Version: ... Just don't even try it. Obsolete. I've erased it from my computer. If I mention one browser has the worst flaw, it's actually iCab. I just don't feel like typing that every time I reference a flaw.

Firefox: My least favorite. Slowest of all my browsers. Application opening time is 60% slower than Safari. It personally just seems like a "heavy" application. 55.7 MB is the size compared to Safari's 57 MB size. Not much of a difference, but Safari is just FASTER.

Google Chrome: Comparable with Firefox. Slow, clunky, "heavy"... it just has more integration with Google features and is slightly faster than Firefox. I use a Google stuff a lot, so Chrome was good with that. I have no size as I erased it off my drive because I have no need for it.

Safari: My all-time favorite. Fast, quick, loads pages WITH Flash content perfectly. I've never experienced any difficulties as listed above. I use the browser whenever I'm not schooling. Plus, I love the OS integration, which helps with quick tasks that need Address Book or the like.


iCab Trial Version: 1/10 (I've never tried the paid version, but seeing how the trial version operates... buy at your own risk.

Firefox: 5/10

Chrome: 6.5/10

Safari: 9/10



Safari - fast, reliable, well integrated with all Snow Leopard applications.
Every once in a while - I'll use Chrome for a day. It works well also but does not provide the ease of interacting well with other OS applications!!
It's a no-brainer. Safari for 99.9% of the time. It also can handle downloads from all other sources.
Firefox is not consistently stable.



Chrome does not work for gaming it freezes and when you go to pogo the java script comes up like in firefox it says you don't have enough java. So I am sticking with Safari. Besides, Safari you can change the browser to different browsers for different games in pogo. I learned that trick from you.



the only browsers i use are google chrome and safari 5 and so far i use google chrome more then safari



I've been going back and forth between Safari and Chrome. I love Chrome's simple layout and how much actual screen real estate I get out of it compared to Safari, but I like how Safari syncs all my bookmarks with my iPhone. I wish Safari better security features, such as warning me of potential threats like Chrome does.



I agree with those above - Chrome responds significantly faster to flash applications/movies/etc. than Safari. I also like the cleaner look and feel of Chrome. I use both, but prefer Chrome for casual browsing.



God I love firefox's features to death. they make my life so much easier. And it does my heart good to know I am supporting open source guys at mozilla. They do the best job at add ons, and it makes my life simpler.

Unfortunently, I have abandoned firefox many times in favor of Safari 5. the only reason I do this (and it kills me but i must as i am a power user that needs speed) is because Safari rarely ever crashes, and loads webpages faster. I think im my life of using safari 5, it has only crashed once (with 12 tabs open, downloading Boxee, and with a good 15 extenstions in use while watching Hulu). Firefox crashes on me atleast once a day, and it breaks my heart. I really really want to love firefox more, and adopt it as my browser for life, but its occasional sluggy performance and daily crashes prevent me from sticking with it. I hope firefox 4 is a BIG improvement in speed and stability (hopefully topping speeds of safari and Chrome.)



For me, ironically, Firefox is the browser I most frequently have to refresh content with that has Flash. Funny.



I've been a big Safari fan, but there have been some weird problems lately as you'll see in the Apple Discussions forum. Lot's of us can't even log in to Apple Discussions from Safari. We have to use another browser (I use Chrome).

Another one is that Adobe's Flash 10 seems to have almost totally crippled Safari. Any page that has video brings Safari into practically a locked up state. I have to do a force quit on Safari at least a dozen times a day whenever there's Flash video on a page. Again, check Apple Discussions... I'm not the only one.

The conspiracy theory says that since Steve Jobs won't endorse Flash for iPhone (and has called it an obsolete technology), Adobe is teaching Apple a lesson. Or is it? Doesn't that make Flash look even worse?

There are other times when Safari is limited for me... Wordpress (edit controls don't show up) and a more niche browser-based app... Again.. certain editing controls don't work. I use Firefox to work around those problems.

I guess the bottom line is that you can't confidently use just one browser at all. That makes comparing them to see which is best is kind of a worthless exercise.



im sticking with safari till FF4



I too find it difficult to choose between Chrome and Safari, but lately, I've stopped using Chrome and started using Safari, mainly because Chrome started to slow down. Furthermore, Chrome does not integrate itself with other Mac applications (e.g. Preview), while Safari does.

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