Solid State Drive Showdown



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OWC has other option to deterioration of write speeds see

Also would like to see Apple support TRIM commands in OS X. Have a 256 gb SSD in my 2009 17" MBP and have no complaints so far about any deterioration in speed but worry as the free space on the SSD gets used.

Good article but would like to see an expanded article on options on maintaining SSDs.




Do not use SSD with OS X unless it came with the Mac direct from Apple, and is covered by AppleCare, because within 6 months, without TRIM, that drive is as likely as not to be a brick. Bye bye expensive investment.

TRIM is of vital importance to SSD owners.
Phin, you are irresponsible for suggesting otherwise.



"If you shop around online, you’ll notice some newer, higher-priced offerings boasting features like TRIM-command support and 6Gbps SATA III connection speeds. And you might wonder why we didn’t test any of those. Simply put, those features mean nothing to Mac users. TRIM is a command used by Windows 7 and Linux 2.6.33 to manage “garbage collection” (wiping data blocks no longer in use) and speed up performance, but Mac OS X doesn’t use the TRIM command, so that’s a nonstarter."

You should do a little more research on TRIM before dismissing it. Just because it isn't yet supported in OS X (yet) doesn't mean that it means nothing to Mac users. In fact, it's arguable and valid to say that SSD without TRIM isn't worth it. The drives just won't last long enough for the investment to make sense.

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