Steve Dismisses MacBook touch, Crushes Rumors Sites' Hopes and Dreams



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I don't have much interest in the mac book touch as the unit is shown at present time but the idea to carry around a tablet that can connect to your already used imac through software as well as connect to apple tv like the iphone remote i think will put apple more in the front. also used to surf the net. by it self it's almost like a laptop but with the special other activity I mentioned above I think that more would buy the unit over a laptop...... think home a remote, mini computer and if apple created a app that also allows apple tv and the "mac book touch" to talk then for those that want to surf the internet through the tv this will give them the gateway



I agree that a touch screen is a bad idea..... however a multitouch keyboard with tactile feedback would be fantastic.... then you could customize the keyboard...

just think..... moving all the controls from the screen in photoshop and putting them on the keypad

hell you could even put the menu bar on the top of the keypad..... that much more screen real estate

it will happen someday.... y not make it today

personally I think the first laptop they should do it too is the Air.

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