Think Your Mac is Secure? Think Again



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No I never assumed that my Mac is secure. I have read cases of malware intruding Macs and causing harm. My data is precious and I have proper measure implemented to secure the data of my drive. I hope no time I loose any important data and recover it after using a Mac data recovery program.



I've been hearing about how Apple is "just as insecure" as Windows for years and it's the same ol' song. Yet,there are still no viruses for OS X that I'm aware of. Most of the "insecurity" that people refer to is socially engineering someone to install your malware. "Windows is a larger target" so malware writers don't bother with the Mac is the other argument. Yet, most creative places that design magazines, books, videos, etc. use Macs almost exclusively. You're saying there's nothing to be gained by going after this segment? I don't believe it. Most of this is just fear mongering or misinformation to sell news. Macs getting a virus is actual news while a PC getting a virus is an everyday occurrence. Mac users don't need to spend much time worrying about this stuff.

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