Top 10 Apple Influencers of 2009



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Please, this article isn't about race, ergonomics, artwork or your favorite pet peeve. It is about THE Top 10 Apple Influencers of 2009. I think Mac|Life goes the distance to handle facts in a prudent manner. They cannot overstep their journalist integrity just to appease readers. Mac|Life must do the best it can to be evenhanded with everything that is published. Before you ask, I'm not on the Mac|Life payroll. However, I must echo Michael Simon comments, "Good read. Nice article, guys. Really enjoyed it. Cool artwork, too."



The feature article Top 10 Apple Influences of 2009 was quite enjoyable, and Jonathan Ives deserves this and other accolades he has received. However, with regard to the current iMac and the Cinema Displays, ergonomics is blatantly disregarded. Most importantly, these products do not have any height adjustment, nor can they be swiveled. For those of us with bifocal eye glasses, lack of height adjustment causes a great deal of discomfort and fatigue with long use. Consequently, I disliked my G5 iMac until just recently when I resorted to building a small table to fit behind my computer table upon which the iMac now rests. The bottom of the screen just touching the computer table. Having the CPU at the bottom of the enclosure does not help. Surely, Mr. Ives can come up with an elegant and ergonomic design than the current models, with more appeal (for some) than the old G4 iMac (though I still like its looks and its arm for ultimate adjustability).



I'd love to see more of the artist's work.  Does anyboy know who did the artwork for November 2008 issue?



Just curious... where are the Black computer savvy people dealing in the Apple World of electronics? And where are the Black journalists writing on computer/electronics technology? Are they in a parallel universe? Or there are none out there in either of these fields? If it is the latter, then, for a start, my own son does not exist (he's in the computer gaming world as a game designer) in this universe....

Again, just curious,




We're out here blackeducator. I'm just one of many
professionals in the field, and I've been a Mac aficionado for many
years. No we're not in some parallel vortex in never-never land,
but maybe not as widely publicized as we should be. I've been in the
computer world for over 22 years, PC's and Mac's. I go back as
far as '85 with the Macs almost since inception and have grown with the
OS's through the dark days when crashes were more common (OS 6, OS 7,
OS 7.5, OS 7.6, OS 8, OS 8.6, & etc). I was the only black tech in
a small professional music company in Texas and started with the Mac's
back then when Mac's weren't popular. Now serving as an Apple Admin w/
a private Univ in Texas and one of the leading advocates supporting the
system since I've been here. It would be nice to have a few pros from
Ebony, Blck Entrprs and other credible publications to do short
interviews and bios with the African-American folks (like myself) on
life with Macs! Thanks for your curiosity.-ms



Love the art work...what is that crazy font used for the titles...



I agree Michael. But I especially liked the Hollywood fact. It seems no matter what movie I watch, if there is a computer genius in it, then at one point in time they show the Apple logo. Or (as the article wrote) to show “Urbanity and Sophistication”, which we see in The Office when Jim hosts his house party: right there in his room is a Mac Book.


Michael Simon

Nice article, guys. Really enjoyed it. Cool artwork, too.

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