Top 7 PC-to-Mac Switching Problems



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I wonder why people would miss "Print Screen"...

With Windows, I hate being lack of any better screen capturing feature. After "print screen", I will almost have to use some kind of image tools to paste the captured image, and to grab the section that I really need - clumsy @_@

Using Mac, "Shift+Command+4" (also "3" for a full desktop capture) is such a quick one-stop solution to capture a section on your screen that you want, and captured image is automatically saved on the desktop - handy ^o^

Besides, "Preview" the application is by default in your dock, which already has what you need, for capturing the desktop, or a window (with a fancy to select what one needs to capture), and also in a timed fashion.

Think about it~



#4 - I get why people switching from using Windows expect the full screen expansion, but as a switcher now on Mac for over a year I actually prefer the OS X green + button. It's job is to make the window as big as it needs to be to show you the most content possible, obviously limited by your screen dimensions. If I'm reading, say, a MacLife article online you'll notice the content is all in a column that is roughly 1/3 of your screen (I'm on a 15" MBP). The + button, therefore, makes the window as long/tall as possible to see most of the column, while not worrying about the width beyond the content since all that does is give me big grey bars. Why anyone would want a full screen window with 2/3 of it being big grey areas is beyond me. To me, the OS X way makes more sense. The only exception of course being the inconsistency with iTunes.

#5 - as already said, Blackberry just put out a syncing client for Mac, I believe it's free.



What's wrong with RIM's Mac Blackberry sync utility?

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